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Aerodrums Portable Electronic Drum Set – Air Drum Sticks & Pedals – Practice Drum Accessory more Quiet than Pads – Full Midi Electric Drum Kit that fits a Small Tabletop or Bag – Adult Drummer Gift

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What You Need To Know About The Air Drums:

Look, if you are anything like a rockstar, you’ve always wanted the fame and the fortune that comes with being a rock star, but not just any rock star, you wanted to be the heartbeat of the band, the one that keeps everyone else in check… the Drummer.

Just picture it, with a little practice you could be playing like a big shot anywhere from local bars, to sold-out venues groupies everywhere and people begging for your autograph.

Yet maybe it’s been out of reach because you have a frail frame and lugging all those drums around and heavy practice equipment has kept that dream out of reach.

Look No Further Than the Air Drums, My Future Rockstar Friend.

No, you don’t have to hit the gym and become a swole body, instead just use these Aerodrums, no equipment to lug around or set up. Plus they already come with a set of killer shades, either to block the sun from your eyes or hide the shame on your face from your family of never improving your baby arms, but none of that really matters; you’re a drummer now, you have the power, you decide!

All You Need Are Some Sweet Air Drums To Jumpstart Your Journey to Superstardom…

All you need to start your journey to superstardom or Youtube stardom is Windows Vista or better, or an Apple computer that came out after 2010. The kit comes with a high-speed motion capture camera ready to rock-n-roll right out the box.

So take some time, hop on your computer, look up videos of the drumming greats and practice. You’ll eventually become the beast rocker that you’ve always wanted to be inside.

Plus, because people love a rockstar, and you need that love and constant adoration from someone or something other than your cat.

So get out– no actually stay inside where its climate controlled and your computer is– but, like figuratively get out there and put on a show.

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