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cell phone jail for iphones and android phones

The Cell Phone Jail: The world’s smallest jail cell for your overzealous cell phone usage is not quite what it seems. Imagine the jungles of Africa, 1981… Hot, dry, unexplored. American traveler Saxon Bingham enters the jungle alone. He discovers a tiny jail cell, empty in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by ancient bao-bao […]

everyday etiquette how-to guide

Meet Dick (short for Richard). Richard is…well, he’s not one of those people you’d call your pal. Neither is he rich. Ironically, there really isn’t a better way to describe Mr. Richard than to apply the four-letter word his mama gave him at birth. It fits Mr. Richard well, as he is known, at times, […]


What would you do with fake wall outlet stickers? Maybe you’re the life of the party. You’re the person who everybody turns to for a good laugh. “You’re such a card!” they say. “You always make me laugh!” they remark. But what happens when you don’t have a crowd to make laugh? What happens when […]

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You’re Fired – The Button The two words no one wants to tell their employees.  So, why say it yourself? Who better than Donald Trump to say it for you every time you’re itching to tell that one person that’s been bothering you a little too much? Give them a reason to fear you. The […]


Keep yourself uber hydrated with this brain tricking flavored cup. Honestly, who still drinks ordinary water anymore? Really though, since when did water become so pricey and fancy? That colorless, flavorless liquid we all need to live. People are paying $$$ for big brands like Perrier and La Croix. It’s like all anyone ever wants […]

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dad joke button

Let’s be real. Dad jokes are all the rage. As a matter of fact, a bad Dad joke can cause an insurmountable amount of rage. Which is a very good thing. The worse the joke, the better it is – at least when it comes to Dad jokes. That’s why the Dad Joke Button is […]

car exhaust whistle prank

How did the car exhaust whistle prank come to be? Well, in the Autumn of 1916, a man named Barnaby J. Minkles stumbled upon a prank so lively, so wonderful and so outrageous, he was regarded as one of the foremost prank masters of the twentieth century. Minkles worked long hours on the assembly line […]

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You’re not still using the voice you were born with are you? Yikes…Did you know that 99.999% of the world uses a synthesized voice? Wait a second. You’re that one person who isn’t using a voice synthesizer, aren’t you? Come on, you’re better than that. Since the dawn of the new century, scientists, naturalists, herbalists […]

hand sanitizer

To fully understand this scented hand sanitizer, let’s begin with Sir Arthur Q. Stink of the British Isles, who issued a proclamation in 1768 which reads as follows: “To the Men, Women, Children and Families of Great Britain – It is my distinct pleasure today to introduce you and yours to an odor unlike anything […]


The Epic Fail Button – With An Epic Failure Trombone Sound (incase hearing someone say epic fail wasn’t enough) How often do you think to yourself in your head “well that was a fail?” Now you can actually show your disdain for the situation and make everyone else in the room laugh with this amusing […]

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scary talking chucky doll

The talking Chucky doll is hands-down the perfect gift for any fan who has been looking to add to their horror movie memorabilia collection.  Or anyone who enjoys deadly dolls in their home.  Based on the original 1988 horror movies, you can own this terrifying little doll of the leading man himself, Chucky.  Any horror movie […]

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cat scratch turntable

So let’s face it, the world of music has gone downhill since Avicii tragically left us. So who is going to take his place in this crazy world of EDM?  First, who is suiting of becoming the next great DJ of our time? Honestly, DJs are the laziest of the musically talented. The job of a […]

practice drumming air drumming kit

Look, if you are anything like a rockstar, you’ve always wanted the fame and the fortune that comes with being a rock star, but not just any rock star, you wanted to be the heartbeat of the band, the one that keeps everyone else in check… the Drummer. Just picture it, with a little practice […]


Uncle Harold – who is he? This gentleman is a tried and true pistachio connoisseur. And a prank master. The man himself has now released his masterpiece, and you have a very limited time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. We proudly present to you: Uncle Harold’s Premium Pistachios. These gorgeous tins of purported […]

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