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Baby Mop Blue 6-9 Months (3 Sizes)

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What You Need To Know About The Baby Mop:

It was said that the only thing babies could do is eat, cry, sleep, & poop.

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But Did You Also Know That Babies can Mop Floors?!

It may be cute, but let’s face it, babies haven’t really been known to do chores and clean messes…. until now.

We understand the concept of you don’t work; you don’t eat. Now babies can apply this to the natural growth process!

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The baby mop instills good work ethic and responsibility into your child beginning from the pregnancy test to 3 months of birth, and all the way up to size 12mo. The earlier you start them, the better!

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I know what your thinking: “this is child exploitation!

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But the reality is that your child is merely learning to crawl.

They won’t even realize that you’re exploiting them to clean your floors.

You’ll love your newly clean & shiny floors that come at a much more affordable cost than those maids!

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The baby mop produces real results

We guarantee that you will be amazed by the results, and amused by watching your baby becoming more useful!

Be the parent your child needs, instill good habits today.

Who Do I Gift The Baby Mop To?

This invention works on any surface and fits babies 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months.

Give this baby mop as a gift to any new mother in your life, or your own child.

Get the baby mop today, & watch your cleaning troubles float away.

This is not your average baby outfit. The Baby Mop is a 2-in-1 set that allows your little one to be both stylish and useful. It comes with an adorable little mop hat to keep those cute curls out of their eyes while they work, and the overalls have 4 built-in pockets perfect for holding cleaning supplies like wipes, a dustpan, or even a little treat for a job well done! The best part is that the bottom of the overalls are made from super soft, absorbent material that will pick up any mess your baby encounters. Whether it’s spills, crumbs, or pet hair, the Baby Mop has got you covered.

This Baby Mop Works Wonders!
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People love this. My baby loves this. Guests think it's hysterical. And the baby loves making guests laugh. Good baby shower gift. - Amazon Review

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