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STAR WARS The Mandalorian Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic Toy with Over 40 Sound and Motion Combinations, Interactive Toys

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What You Need To Know About The Baby Yoda Toy Friend:

The Baby Yoda Toy Friend 1

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “You know, I’d like to own an alien one day,” you are about to hit the jackpot:

Baby Yoda

We proudly introduce you to an alien. We’re not quite sure who he is, or much about his background, so we’re going to speculate here:

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This little green alien, while small in stature seems awfully big in personality.

He makes sounds, lifelike movements and is a generally affable young fellow.

We’re going to assume that on his home planet, he was very likely a door-to-door salesman.

He wears a tiny brown robe, which shows us he was likely born on a planet very rich in burlap.

The Baby Yoda Toy Friend 2

This also suggests the planet he came from had tons of potatoes – that’s the only thing people store in burlap bags, right? So, yeah, aliens probably too.

Since this alien made his presence known on planet Earth, he has only used an ancient alien sound unknown to humans, so there is absolutely no viable way to know it’s real name.

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The Baby Yoda Toy Friend 3

We’ll call him…. Gary.

Gary the Alien is also now a toy.

One that has an alien head that moves up and down, alien ears that move back and forth, alien eyes that open and close, cute alien charm, and has the power of The Force.

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You can purchase this toy for yourself or as a gift for someone you know that is into cute green baby aliens. Amazing!

Oh, wait…

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One of our website interns just came in and informed us all of our speculating may have been pointless.

Turns out this little green dude is Baby Yoda.

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Mind… BLOWN.

And apparently everyone in the world knows who he is.

Something about a little movie called “Star Wars.”

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Yeah, well, you know what – we like the name “Gary the Alien” better.

Though we’ve also learned this is an officially licensed toy that looks, sounds and acts exactly like Baby Yoda (also known as “The Child”) from Star Wars The Mandalorian, we think it would be way cooler to go with our “Gary the Alien” backstory.

So, there.

If you want to wow your family, friends and children with an exact replica toy of Gary the Alien, the Star Wars toy that can raise its arm, close its eyes, and even sigh as if it were using the Force, well, now is your one and only chance! (seriously, this thing sells out on Amazon super fast.)

Check it out, bro! Gary probably eats a ton of potatoes!

The Baby Yoda Toy Friend 4
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Hey everyone, gather around while we play with Gary the Alien – he’s always trying to get us to buy products he believes will be useful to us by knocking on our door!

We love Gary the Alien, because oftentimes he will pretend to nap! It’s so cute!

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Unlimited fun awaits all who would like to own their very own green alien pet that makes sounds and looks cute and stuff.

Baby Yoda - now formally known as Gary the Alien, available now.

Purchase him before he goes back to Burlaptopia…or wherever the hell planet he’s originally from. Tatooine? Mars? Ugh, we give up. We’ll just get one of these ourselves and ask it.

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