Bacon Bandages

Tired of ordinary bandages? Unwilling to sacrifice your love of high-fat meats? Some small injuries can really sizzle, but you can fight fire with fire with a bacon bandage.

Bacon bandages use the same principle of holding a frozen steak on your black eye without any of the clean-up. A boring first-aid bandage (you know, one that doesn’t look like a strip of cured meat) lacks the hilarity a bacon bandage has.

Unleash “the incredible healing power of meat,” with fifteen latex-based bandages, each cut to look like a strip of actual bacon.

Lead your own Bacon’s Rebellion against debilitating cuts and scrapes.

Pesky paper cuts can take valuable time out of your day. How are you supposed to be a big-wig business person when you’re gushing blood everywhere? There’s no better way to get back to business than with a strip of fake bacon wrapped around your pointer finger. That’s how empires are made, baby.

Bacon the Most of A Bad Situation

If a bacon bandage doesn’t dry your eyes, maybe the free prize inside every tin will. Surely, a small prize is enough to wash all the pain away. Kids will love these bandages even more, probably because they’re intended for children and not businessmen.

No matter your age, a bacon bandage will ensure your injury stays inconspiguous.