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BAD PEOPLE Party Game – Find Out What Your Friends Really Think of You – Hilarious Adult Card Game for Fun Parties and Board Games Night with your Group

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 – The Card Game with your friends:

What You Need To Know About Bad People
 – The Card Game:

Let’s face it: sometimes good friends can be bad people. But, bad people?

Well, bad people are the best kinds – at least when you’re playing the party game “Bad People.”

An absurdly funny party game that pits you and your friends against each other

You and your friends can now figure out what best describes you, based on the crazy cards you have.

Let’s role-play an example here:

1. You and eight of your best looking, most snarky, slightly buzzed on cheap wine and light beer friends gather around a table one random Saturday evening.

2. One of your friends, we’ll call him Carl, is the subject of the current round of “Bad People.” You pull a card alluding to the fact that he might smell like day old sardines that have been left in the sun in Arizona.

3. You know this is the best description for Carl, and unfortunately for Carl, extremely accurate.

4. Well, problem is – other people have cards to. Some not so bad, others, so mind-numbingly hilarious, foul and accurate you pee yourself a little bit because you’ve been laughing so hard.

5. After you come back from the restroom, you and your friends vote. What’s up with Carl?

6. Unanimously, they agree with you. Carl is a stinky old fish monster.

7. Awesome. You win. Next round.

Bad People
 - The Card Game 1

And back to #1 all over again… Uh, oh. Now it’s their turn to describe you.

While nerve racking, “Bad People” is also awesome, hilarious and just plain silly.

So buckle up, get your friends together and get ready to play one of the most insanely fun, addictive and absurd party games that has ever graced the planet earth.

And get ready to change your underwear a time or two from laughing too hard.

Think there won’t be enough cards in “Bad People” to make it worth your while? Think again hombre. There are 370 cards included in this beast. 10 Player Identity Cards (up to 10 people can play at once), 250 Question Cards, 100 Voting Cards, 10 Double Down Cards. Hot damn, that’s a lot of cards.

Plus, the gameplay changes each time based on who you are playing with.

You’re totally going to have a completely different experience, say, if you’re playing with a handful or your college buddies versus if you’re playing with a couple of former Presidents of the United States. If that happens, be warned, Bill Clinton is a shark at “Bad People.” Totally ruthless.

Oh, you think we’re done giving you the lowdown on this must have game? Doubt it, buckaroo. This game packs so much of a punch, we keep finding things about it to love. Frankly, we love it so much, we hate it. And the hate feels oh so nice on our soft, taco filled belly. OK. Too personal sorry.


This bad boy also includes the NSFW Brutal Expansion Pack for the ultimate party game experience.

You’re the baddest in town, and the only way to really prove it now is with this deck of cards. No one can ever be as bad as you have become. And we mean bad as in cool.

“Bad People” is everything you’ve ever wanted all in one badass party game.

Get it now, or be the one going to the party empty handed like some lowlife. Your choice.

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Share the Bad People
 – The Card Game with your friends:
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