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Bathroom Gifts

Have you ever sat on the toilet and thought to yourself…“Whilst I am currently enjoying myself and this wonderful seat, I certainly wouldn’t mind some thunderous theme music to accompany my wonderful achievement of the moment!” Well, you aren’t alone. Because we most definitely have also. Welcome the amazing, incredible, unbelievable musical machine of your […]

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce the prank master general, Sir Edgar Toots and the story of his claim-to-fame with the toilet squirt gun prank. The legend of Edgar Toots is far and wide in this fair (and sometimes unfair) land.  If you aren’t familiar with the lore and legacy of the man once […]


Marvinious Ketchup Jr. was exceptionally proud of his tomato farm. In fact, he was so proud of his tomatoes, that he used them for everything. Yes, literally everything. Breakfast was a tomato sandwich. Two pieces of tomato with a tomato in the middle and some ketchup for dipping on the side. For lunch he’d have […]


At some point over the last decade, toilet timers have revealed that our time in the bathroom has increased exponentially. What are we doing there in the powder room? Showering more effectively? Shaving more accurately and intensely? Taking our dental care game to the next level? Doubt it.  It’s likely that we’re sitting on the […]


Did you know… That in order to poop like the champion you really are, you should be eating a trillion grams of fiber every day? Though this statement is not true at all, it does make you think, doesn’t it? You may be thinking such questions as: What would a trillion grams of fiber look […]


Love spending money and also showering in a luxury shower system like royalty?  Well, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by an item you likely had no idea existed, until this very moment. Introducing: The 2020 Manhattan Luxury Shower System, the Computerized Steam Power Shower Sauna with Jetted jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage Bathtub Spa with Bluetooth […]


Oh goodness gracious, the humanity! The odor emanating from the human being across from you is horrendous. Awful. Outrageous. You really need a shower. You know the scent. It smells like a mixture of fermented jerky and a public restroom. How did it happen? Why does the person smell so bad? And, oh no. DO […]


Ugh. The grind of the workweek. Looking to take a relaxing bath?  Well, now you can do so while enjoying the taste of roast beef! You’re up and at’ em every day, and you’re working your tail off for the man. By the time the end of the week arrives, it’s all about a little […]


As you know, there are innumerable scary, horrific, smelly places on the planet. Abandoned prisons. Long lost asylums. Haunted houses… Though nothing is scarier than a place we have all come into contact with – a place so terrifying, so nightmare-inducing, so unspeakably grotesque that it’s almost impossible to believe that these locations are so prolific […]

Say goodbye to costly toilet paper…forever! Did you know that the average human being spends 97.3%* of their life on the toilet? Most people have dozens of ledgers, quill pen and ink well within inches of their throne. As the epicenter of home entertainment, the toilet is a very important place. Here are just a […]