Battle of Helm’s Deep Lego Set

Lego Fantasy

This official ‘The Lord of the Rings: Battle of Helm’s Deep Lego Set’ is the perfect gift for your son or daughter’s birthday this year. Get them excited about The Lord of the Rings with this excellent collection from one of the most creative, educational toymakers out there! Finally, you can share your love of epic fantasy with them. Sure, all they want to do is play tap games on their iPads, but you just know they’ll love Lego just as much as you did if they just give it a try.

The Battle Begins

Plus, who couldn’t love The Lord of the Rings, right? I mean, right? The battle between light and dark. Good and evil. Orcs. Elves. Frodo and Sam! Of course, they’ll love it. How could they not? What better scene to get them started with, too? The battle of Helm’s Deep! They don’t need to know the plot yet to feel the excitement of this one. With all the authentic weapons, including the Uruk-hai. Swords, bows, double-bladed axes. It even has the siege ladders and the bomb for blowing open the fortress! They’ll love it. I mean, obviously, you can’t let them just play with it totally unsupervised. They might do something stupid, like have Legolas slide down the stairs on his shield like they did in the movie. Or worse, have Aragorn toss Gimli like some common midget!

Bring the Whole Family Together Epically with this Gift

No, you want them to have the authentic experience. You’d better play with them, just to be sure. Otherwise, when you read them the books and get to the battle of Helm’s Deep they’ll be all confused. Plus, this is out of production now, so there’s a limited supply. You wouldn’t want them playing too rough and ruining it. This could be a collector’s item someday! Might be worth something to them. Actually, on second thought those snot-nosed little brats would probably just destroy it and go back to their iPads. You should probably just keep it in the packaging. You’ve got just the space right next to your mint-condition Battlestar Galactica Lego Set.