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Our Thoughts on The Bazooka Water Gun

Now you can balance your life-crippling soda addiction with a false sense of helping the environment! Don’t just throw that big plastic soda bottle away; use it as a high capacity water gun chamber. The Bazooka Water Gun holds more water (or tequila, if this is for a bachelor party), which means less refilling and less running back to the hose like a scared soldier in their first taste of battle.

The Bazooka Water Gun 1

Get aqua locked and loaded and prepare to shoot the biggest streams of soda, or water EVER!

It shoots farther than your Grandmother’s Super Soaker (up to 30 feet!) and actually gets your enemies super soaked. This handheld aqua cannon can blast a person from dry to complete and total wetness faster. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to declare this an actual weapon of mass destruction in this crazy game of war we like to call summer.

The water bazooka is easy to use. Simply fill just about any standard-size plastic bottle with water (or beer if you are in college), screw the bottle onto the nozzle, and you are ready to shoot powerful bursts of liquid longer and farther than your competition!

No need to be stealthy when you’ve got the biggest gun on the block.

This futuristic stream machine lets you stroke your ego and laughs while you pretend to be unphased by those puny sprinkles being shot at you from your friends’ standard water guns.

It’s the perfect accessory for swimming pool parties, outdoor summer gatherings, and good ol’ clean and friendly mischief.

What are you going to do this summer?

Waste away inside watching movies, tv shows and playing video games? We both know those things are too violent and are probably rotting your brain from the inside. Instead, get outside and mix some healthy exercise with the simulated violence of a water gun fight.

The Bazooka Water Gun 2

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Bring a bazooka. A Water Bazooka.

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