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STAR WARS – Hero Droid BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid

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What You Need To Know About The Real BB8 Droid:

The Real BB8 Droid 1
It’s here, nerds.
This is it.
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Are You Ready?

Please make sure you’re sitting down.

We don’t want you passing out and breaking those glasses that are already held together by tape in the middle, or fracturing your pocket protector.

The Real BB8 Droid 2
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Here’s the news we all have been waiting for our entire lives:

A BB8 Droid can now live with you.

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It moves, talks, and follows you.

Life will never be the same.
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Now that you’ve had a moment to peel yourself off the ground, let’s all take a minute just to digest how bad ass this robot really is.

A Star Wars toy BB-8 droid that is legit as close to the movie as possible, reacts to your speech and effortlessly moves around your home?

This is nerd heaven, and frankly, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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Here are some purely genius ways you might consider using this fully interactive BB-8:

The Real BB8 Droid 4

1. You can clip the wireless remote control to your belt and BB-8 Droid will follow-you.

This is a fantastic way to show people that you now have a bodyguard. A BB-8 body guard. No one will mess with you when they see this little droid rolling by your side, that’s for damn sure.

star wars bb8 toy features

2. The BB8 Droid voice controls allow you to be authoritative but also friendly (maybe).

You can tell the BB-8 exactly what to do at all times. This makes you look super cool when you’re in front of friends or family.

It shows you are someone the droid respects. Shout things like “BE ON GUARD” or “GO TO SLEEP” and it will react. When it’s just you and BB-8 you can also say things like, “Sorry for shouting at you in front of my friends.”

The Real BB8 Droid 5

3. Legit Light Up Body. This Real BB-8 Toy stands 16 inches tall and works like a champ.

BB-8 also comes complete with movie replica design and lights that show you he means business. Funny business...but also “hey, dude, I’m your little droid, I’m going to protect you” business.

Stop trying to build your own replica BB8 Droid from old volleyballs and aluminum foil. This droid is the real deal.

The Real BB8 Droid 7
The fact that we, as a people, have been expected to live life without a BB-8 droid sidekick for so long is appalling.
Starry eyed emoji

Thankfully the universe has heard our plea, and now, we can all live life fully.

Fully charged, just like BB-8 should be, everyday, so he can follow you around and listen to every last word you have to say.

Now that’s the respect you deserve!

Though BB-8 will be your personal droid who will follow you to the ends of the earth and beyond, please don’t ask him to engage in a lightsaber duel.

He doesn’t have arms, so that makes him feel a little self conscious. Also, don’t ask him for a high five (again, the no arms thing).

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