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Kirin Frozen Beer Slushy Maker Super

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What You Need To Know About The Beer Slushy Maker:

Enjoy your favorite cold brew in a whole new way. A Beer Slushy Way.

The Beer Slushy Maker 1

Keep your coolness factor of drinking a beer intact while still enjoying the refreshing frozen aspect of a margarita. 

With this beer slushy maker, you can serve your brewski soft-serve style. No need to degrade your manhood when you’re craving icy alcoholic slushies anymore. Just pour your favorite ale, stout, or lager directly into the machine, and within minutes your beer will become the perfect icy refreshment to enjoy poolside.

Top your drink off with a whipped, frozen slush or go all out with a full cup of Beer-Rita.

It’s your choice. So don’t degrade your manhood when you’re craving icy alcoholic slushies.  Whether you call it a slushie, slushee, slushy, slurpee, or a slushi, at this point I honestly don’t care. Just drink your damn beer-rita and enjoy!

Is this beer slushy maker simply a novelty gift, or man’s greatest invention since the wheel? That’s for you to decide! Either way, it makes a great gift for the beer connoisseur in your life–even if that beer connoisseur is you!

This unique beer slushy machine turns any ale, stout, or lager into a refreshing soft-serve slushy that you can enjoy poolside, at the beach, or on the lake!

A perfect addition to any hot summer day. Luckily, the beer slushy maker runs on C batteries, so you can take it anywhere you go! You can go camping, on a secluded picnic, or even to a brew and view movie theatre and never have to go without your soft-serve brew. Enjoy it with a straw, spoon, or straight from the cup–you are the master of your own destiny.

The beer slushy maker is a wonderful addition to any party you are hosting or attending.

After all, nothing says “white trash party” more than combining a PBR, Miller, or Bud Light with the signature convenience store slushy. This machine is also perfect for frat parties, bachelor parties, and Superbowl Sunday.

Just because you’re a man’s man who loves fishing, motorcycles, boxing, and beer, doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a delicious frosty treat every now and then. Maintain your manly facade and sip your beer slushy with pride. You’ll get all the benefits of a frozen margarita or daiquiri, with none of the teasings from your hunting buddies.

This product was made in Japan (as all brilliant novelty gifts are), but the instructions which are printed in Japanese are still incredibly simple to follow. Additional English instructions are also very easy to find online. Having this innovative Japanese product in your kitchen will make you seem cultured; No one needs to know it is used for making beer slushies.

All joking aside, beer slushies are actually an incredibly popular twist on beer in Japan, first being served up in beer gardens across the nation! While this machine may seem silly to you and your friends who were born in America, you might actually impress some upper-level-management Japanese businessmen visiting your office and gain a huge promotion at work! All because of a novelty beer slushy maker!

If you love slushies but beer isn’t your thing, don’t be disappointed! This amazing invention can turn anything into a slushy: wine, water, margaritas, Coca-Cola, and even juice! The sky is the limit and nothing is holding you back from your true slushy-making potential but your own imagination! Become the slushy mixologist you’ve always dreamed of being, and impress all of your friends in the process!

This slushy beer maker product type thing has many convenient features:

1. Turns beer and other beverages into frozen slushies

2. Uses C batteries (x 4) making it conveniently portable

3. Measures 5.9 x 10.2 x 0.4″

4. Instructions provided are in Japanese but the machine is incredibly simple to use 

5. Additional instructions in English can easily be found online

6. Automatic coolness factor which will make everyone want to hang out with you all the time

What are you waiting for?

Join the beer slushy craze that’s sweeping across Japan, Tatooine, Naboo, Las Vegas, and now, be the first in your neighborhood to offer up this exotic yet oh-so-American beverage!

Always say cool and tipsy no matter where you go, whether you’re campin’, fishin’ or huntin’, you never have to leave your portable Beer Slushy Maker behind!

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