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10 Best Birthday Gifts

collection of birthday gift ideas
collection of birthday gift ideas

Crafted by: Alina Bardot

Birthdays are the best times to show someone how much they mean to you.

It’s a time for creating memorable moments and showering others with special gifts. Even birthday scrooges agree.

But it’s tough deciding whether to go all out on that one unique gift or buy a gift card. That’s because, everyone loves gifts, but not everybody is easy to shop for.

The best birthday gifts come from the heart. The rest you have to pay for. It’s recommended that you buy gifts based on your budget. But in the end, there are no set rules for how much money you should spend on a loved one.

collection of birthday gift ideas

If you’re looking for the best gift to buy for a loved one, stop here. We’ve put together a fail-proof list of good gifts. Check out the 10 best birthday gifts in 2018.

1. Techie Gifts are the Best Birthday Gifts.

There’s technology in almost everything on the planet. People might not always trust it, but they love it. Ask Siri or Alexa. Even 70% of millennials won’t part with it long enough to eat or go to the bathroom.

Technology is the one constant that’s always evolving. From telephones to television, it’s a gift for everyone.

You can track your fitness, secure your home, and check in on your diet all at the same time. Tech is the avenue to start when you’re looking for a highly-rated gift. 

A few techie gift ideas:


For close ones near and far, smartphones are perfect. Facetime and texting features make it easy for companions and friends to keep in touch. There are also apps for everything under the sun.

Choose one that has great screen quality, a dual camera, headphone jack, and long battery life.

Virtual Reality Headset (VR Gear)

You don’t have to leave the couch to watch three-dimensional movies anymore. Virtual reality gear lets you sit anywhere and take in your favorite movies in 3D

It’s lightweight and low-cost. As a matter of fact, it’s like buying a year of movies for one price. Any techie would love this.

Wireless Headphones and Earbuds

Millennials and adults together like to take in their favorite tunes. With wireless headphones, they can take their music wherever they want.

They’re convenient and comfortable. And, earbuds can be discreet, depending on the brand.

Streaming Stick

For that loved one who’s too cheap to buy cable, a streaming stick lets them binge watch all their favorite shows.

Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and more is available for streaming.

Notebook / Tablet

Desktops are for businesses but laptops are for everyone. So are notebooks and tablets.

Notebook and tablets are cute and compact. They come in a variety of cool colors. They’re easy to use, and they do everything a laptop does.

Electric Toothbrush w/ Bluetooth

Yes, there’s such a thing as a smart toothbrush and they make awesome gifts. Giftees can fight plaque and track their brushing sessions at the same time.

Health and Fitness Tracker

Health and fitness trackers are the best way to encourage someone to start working out. They’re hassle-free and easy to use. All the user has to do is wear it like a bracelet and start moving.

Some models measure your sleep quality if you wear them to bed.

2. Perfume and Cologne

https://amzn.to/2M4nlBwNo woman wants to smell like her friend. And, most men won’t admit it, but they like to smell great as well.

A nice bottle of perfume or cologne will suffice both. So, poke your nose around in a friend’s bathroom and find out what scents they like. Stick to fragrances that fit their lifestyle.

3. Jewelry: A Long Necklace or a Cuff Bracelet

We’d all like it if all our friends went to Jared’s to surprise us for our birthday. So, why not? Or at least something close?

Guys and gals alike love jewelry. You can find pieces for less online and in stores. Shoot for something neutral like a bracelet or necklace. Men like simple accents around their necks. And a cuff bracelet is a piece of jewelry a woman can wear with anything.

4. A Vintage Tee

Vintage tees are the trend right now. Even execs like Mark Zuckerburg enjoyed wearing the same t-shirt every day.

These shirts have logos from some of our favorite throwback shows and cartoons. They’re fun favs that anyone would appreciate.

5. Smart Speaker

If you thought I-Robot was cool, it has nothing on the Echo. The Echo is a smart speaker with a built-in Alexa.

Alexa answers thousands of questions. She’s even equipped with a new blueprint that lets users customize responses. To add more joy, the speaker plays endless music from your favorite playlists.

6. Designer Slippers

Footwear is a universal gift. Consider gifting some slippers for your next birthday present.

They aren’t what they used to be. Slippers are designer and can come customized to serve every season.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

An iced coffee maker is the perfect gift, because chain bought coffee isn’t cheap. Plus, you can make as much as you want whenever you want.

Considering the world runs on this special, brown elixir, why not save someone special a few dollars. Buy them a cold brew coffee maker for their birthday.

8. Custom Cell Phone Case

Remember when people use to decorate the back of their phones with faux bling? Somebody took that idea up a notch with customized cell phone cases.

Now you can create your own case by adding your favorite photo, team logo and more.

9. Champagne Saucer

If they love a good glass of wine, they’ll love a set of champagne saucers.

Rumor has it the glass’ design resembles Marie Antoinette’s anatomy. All the more reason to ditch the customary champagne flute and gift a saucer. Even better? Give the gift of Prosecco Pong for a classier frat party feel.

10. Personalized Cheese Board

Nothing says “I love you” like a monogrammed cheese board. They come in a variety of wood styles–bamboo, oak, and walnut wood.

Stylize it with someone’s initials, special phrase, or a significant date.

Buy a Birthday Gift

Finding the best birthday gifts isn’t easy. in fact, it’s a downright struggle sometimes.

This list isn’t exhaustive. But, it’s a great start to finding that something perfect for the special someone.

Check out some of our wow gifts to amaze that significant person in your life.