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Are you tired of giving the same old boring Christmas gift that goes unappreciated?

Do you want to be the star of gift-giving this holiday season?

It can be hard to figure out what to get for Christmas; what is on-trend? Will it be useful? More importantly, will they like it?

Don’t worry, we did the work for you. From funny to practical, this list will cover all the bases of your Christmas list.

It is never too early to shop for the holidays! Read on to find out some of the best Christmas gifts for your friends and family this holiday season.

1. Tile Key Finder

The Tile Key Finder is an excellent gift for anyone who loses things (so, everyone)!

This conveniently sized Bluetooth key tracker loops onto your keychain or can fit into your wallet. Just use your smartphone to make your Tile key finder ring. Press the button on the key finder twice to make your phone ring, even when set to silent!

You can even attach the finder to your cat or your dog!

The Tile app even shows you where you last had your lost item (or pet!). And with the biggest lost and found network on your side, your lost items don’t stand a chance!

This great Christmas gift will surely make life much easier for your loved one who is always losing things.

2. Pet Backpack

Know someone who just has to bring their furry friend everywhere? With a pet backpack, they can safely bring their small dog or cat along wherever they go!

This pet backpack has a small capsule so that the small pet can peer out and enjoy sunshine without the risk of them running away! Built with a pet’s safety in mind, it includes a built-in security leash, mesh panels for easy ventilation, and a washable interior.

Ideal for those who want to hike or walk around busy areas with a small pet. This particular backpack is only for pets under 10 pounds, so if their furry friend is a little bigger, maybe stick to a leash!

3. A Coffee Mug with a Message

Coffee mugs with messages on them are a popular choice for gift giving, especially around the holidays. Know someone with a wicked sense of humor? Why not gift them the Toilet Mug.

Made of sturdy ceramic, the original Big Mouth Toilet Mug is the perfect gag gift for your loved one this Christmas. But unlike your funny gifts of the past, this one will be most useful!

This hilarious mug can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid. So bring on the coffee or tea!

4. New Echo Show

This one is for the tech-savvy person in your life! The new Echo Show has all of the awesome attributes of hands-free Alexa but now features a small screen.

The Echo Show is the technology lover’s gift for Christmas 2018. Now make video calls, secure a home, watch a clip on YouTube, or sing along to music with the lyrics on the screen. Whatever you ask, the Echo Show will put before your eyes.

Know someone who is looking for a home security system? The Echo Show can be sold with or without an Amazon Cloud Camera.

5. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one of the top-selling card games. What is it exactly?

It is a party game, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. One player pulls a black card, and the rest of the players provide their funniest reply with a white card. These cards are certainly NSFW.

6. Stylish Luggage

There is nothing more valuable to a frequent traveler than a good piece of luggage. For Christmas this year, buy your loved one a stylish luggage set, or a sturdy spinner trolley.

The Delsey Luggage trolley is a 28-inch, fully-lined quality bag. Zippered compartments allow clean separation of clothes and toiletries. Spinner wheels allow for easy maneuverability, perfect for when running through the airport to catch a connection!

Most importantly, this luggage allows for safe travel. The zipper is designed to not be broken through, and a lock can be used to secure your bag. But don’t worry, the zipper lock is TSA compliant, allowing only agents to inspect your bag without damaging the lock.

7. Beer Slushy Maker

Running out of unique Christmas gift ideas for the drinker in your life? Get them the gift they never knew they needed; a beer slushy maker.

The Beer Slushy Maker allows you to enjoy beer in an entirely different way. Frozen!

All it takes is a beer, a few minutes, and voila! Beer slushy!

8. Hands-Free Binoculars

Sports fan on your hands? They already have every team jersey, hat, and in the book. What can you possibly give them that they don’t have?

These hands-free binoculars are a perfect Christmas gift for any sports fans, hunters, or nosy neighbors!

Forget the large replay screen, watch the game as it happens, even from up in the stands.

The glasses design allows hands to be ready for important things like drinking beer, clapping, and cheering. These binoculars are the perfect addition to anyone’s sports gear collection.

9. Two-Person Hammock

Have someone on your Christmas list who loves the outdoors? The Double Nester 2-Person Hammock is a perfect gift for your favorite outdoorsy couple.

This hammock sleeps two adults comfortably and can be held up with the included suspension lines and poles. And don’t worry, it’s almost impossible to tip out!

Privacy is not an issue in the Double Nester, with a zippered netting and breathable nylon, users can cover up and stay comfortable in the hammock bed.

10. Monogrammed Cheese Board

Now for the foody in your friend group. Every year they get the same gift cards to restaurants they barely go to.

Give them something that they’ll use. This monogrammed cheese board is the perfect personalized gift for a friend who loves cook or host parties.

These cheese boards come in a variety of styles made of high-quality woods including, cherry, walnut, maple, white oak, mahogany, or hickory.

Looking for more of the best Christmas gifts of 2018? Check us out!

Do you want to give the best Christmas gifts of 2018?

We’ve got you covered. For more unique Christmas gift ideas check out Define Awesome, your guru for gifting!