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10 Best Gifts Under $20

funny gifts
funny gifts

Crafted by: Alina Bardot

You don’t need to spend a fortune on gifts for them to be great.

The average American spends almost a $1,000 on gifts each holiday season.

The trick to gift giving isn’t how much you spend, it’s about getting something they actually want. You are buying a gift for your loved one, so figure out what they are into.

Once you know their niche, you can start looking for gifts under $20. We’ve created a list of the best affordable gifts for your friends and family.

inexpensive gifts in 2018

1. The Chef

Everyone dreads that point in the recipe when you have to cut onions. Solve this problem forever for your loved ones with onion goggles.

The foam seal around the lenses blocks smoke and food vapors from getting in your eyes. The lenses come tinted and glare-free for less strain on the eyes while wearing them. They even come with a case to keep the lenses scratch free during storage.

2. The Crafter

Decorative washi tapes are perfect for adding a splash of color to diaries and calendars. It can even decorate pencils, computers, or any other items.

Washi paper tape tears easy sticks well and removes without a trace. Get a set and have a wide range of colors and designs to choose from.

The 3 mm wide tape is the perfect size for highlighting a date on a calendar. It can also add some spice to a journal or diary.

3. The Romantic

Give your significant other a heartfelt and personalized journal. A gift like this will mean more than any generic item you buy in a store.

Make it heartfelt or racy, follow the provided prompts and express your feelings. The hardcover and plastic sleeve will keep this 112-page book looking great for years to come.

4. Coffee Enthusiast

Cabernet Sauvignon infused coffee is one of the best $20 gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. The 100% Arabica beans age in oak wine barrels.

After a delicious dinner sip on this coffee. Enjoy the flavor profiles of berries and currants. The rich flavors of the wine infuse with the coffee beans to develop richer flavors.

While this coffee does contain caffeine, it is non-alcoholic. Now all the recipient needs is a unique coffee mug.

5. Makeup Maven

The MySweety makeup brushes are one of the best gifts for women under $20. They feature beautiful unicorn inspired multi-colored handles. The 16 piece set comes with everything you could need to create a flawless look.

The set comes with 12 twelve brushes, 2 silicone sponges, 1 makeup wash egg, and a bag to keep it all in. Choose from blue, purple, pink, and rainbow-colored bristles.

The handles feature the signature twist like a unicorn horn. These brushes aren’t only about looks though.

The silky soft synthetic bristles will create an even and streak-free finish. The won’t absorb makeup the way other brushes will.

6. Fitness Fanatic

Nothing worse than trying to work out and having your hair falling in your face. Get the fitness fanatic in your life the Sweaty Bands headband for their next workout.

It has a non-slip velvet backing that won’t damage hair. Made in the USA, these headbands feature one of a kind patterns and designs. There’s even an elastic insert that gives a snug fit for all head sizes.

Choose from three different styles, wide, medium, and skinny. This headband is sure to become their required headwear for the gym.

7. The Techie

An agate print cell phone case is both elegant and protective. The flexible silicone will make it easy for the tech junky in your life to change out the case on their phone.

This case has a slim design yet is still impact resistant. The agate print design on the back features a realistic looking stone of blues and purples.

8. Foodie

A marble cheese slicer is one of the perfect gifts under $20 for the foodie in your life. The marble base and wire slicer are perfect for creating uniform slices of both hard and soft cheese.

The rubber feet provide a stable and non-slip base for steady slicing. This piece is the perfect addition to your foodie’s next charcuterie spread.

9. The Groomer

quality razors for men and women

We all know razors are crazy expensive. They don’t have to be with a monthly subscription service. The Dollar Shave Club may focus their marketing on men, but don’t let that stop you ladies.

For $3 a month you can get fresh razor blades mailed to your door. Sweeten your gift with some accessories like shave butter and post shave cream.

You can give a gift card for the service if you aren’t sure what they would want. There are also sample packs to let them try a little bit of everything.

10. That Quirky Friend

We all have that one person who is impossible to get a gift for, so how about a jackalope ornament kit. A jackalope is a mythical creature described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.

This quirky and unique gift is a little bit arts and crafts and a little bit decorative. It is sure to start a conversation.

The ornament kit comes complete with a three-dimensional ornament and string. With a little glue on the Baltic birch parts and you have a fanciful ornament.

Shop Gifts Under $20

You don’t need to spend a fortune when buying a gift for your friends and family. What is important is finding something that they actually want and they will use.

These gifts under $20 are perfect for giving without breaking the bank. Get the onion goggles or marble cheese plate for your friend who loves being in the kitchen.

A headband is perfect for someone who needs some help taming their mane. A razor subscription for the right person will be a welcomed gift for a practical item. Makeup brushes are perfect for someone who loves trying out different looks.

For something more unique, these gifts under $25 are perfect.

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