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12 Fun and Hilarious Boyfriend Pranks

Crafted by: Alina Bardot

If you’re seeking some clever and humorous pranks to pull on your significant other, then this blog post has a plethora of tricks for you!

From clothing mishaps to tech-based practical jokes, we’ve got you covered with an array of good pranks that will keep the laughter going in your relationship.

Prepare yourself as we dive into some classic yet effective prank ideas such as swapping his phone screen or spicing up his morning routine in unexpected ways. We’ll also explore some food-related antics guaranteed to surprise him at meal times.

We don’t stop there; special occasions offer perfect opportunities for cute pranks too! Furthermore, our guide extends to social media platform tricks and revisits old-school methods which still work wonders today. Get ready for a fun-filled journey through funny couple pranks designed specifically for those whose boyfriend loves a good laugh!

3 Clothing Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

Spice up your relationship with some harmless clothing pranks that will leave you both in stitches. These tricks range from mildly annoying to downright hilarious, so choose your level of mischief wisely.

1. Sewing Boxer Shorts Shut with Clear Thread

Picture the look on his face when he tries to put on his favorite boxers, only to find they’re sewn shut. For a nearly undetectable prank, use clear thread. Check out this handy sewing guide for tips on how to execute this prank perfectly.

2. Replacing Entire Wardrobe

If you’re feeling daring, why not replace your boyfriend’s entire wardrobe with outrageous outfits or even women’s clothing? The shock value will be priceless. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case he needs something important like work attire or gym gear immediately after discovering the prank.

3. Shrinking Clothes in the Dryer

For a classic prank, throw his clothes in the dryer on high heat to shrink them. He’ll be scratching his head wondering how his clothes suddenly don’t fit anymore. Just be prepared for some retaliation.

Scare Him With a Mask Prank

For a lighthearted touch to your relationship, why not try out a mask prank? A mask prank might just be the trick. The idea is simple: get a scary mask, hide somewhere he wouldn’t expect you to be and surprise him when he least expects it. But – a sharp warning here: Be very, very careful, you DO NOT want to get punched in the face. 

Choosing the Right Moment for Maximum Impact

The key here is timing. Wait until he’s engrossed in something – perhaps reading, watching TV, or even cooking dinner. Then, put on your mask and quietly approach him from behind or pop out from around a corner.

You could also try this prank at night when everything’s quiet and dark; the element of surprise will surely make his heart race.

A word of caution though – while this prank can lead to lots of laughter once the initial shock subsides, ensure that your boyfriend doesn’t have any serious health conditions like heart problems which could turn this harmless fun into something more serious.

This prank isn’t about causing harm but creating an unexpected moment of hilarity between you two. So remember to keep it light-hearted and enjoy seeing his surprised reaction.

Adding Some Extra Fun

If you want to take this prank to the next level, try adding some extra fun to it. You could record his reaction and watch it together later, or even have a competition to see who can scare the other the most.

Remember, the key to a successful prank is to keep it light-hearted and fun. So, go ahead and give this mask prank a try – you might just be surprised at how much laughter it brings into your relationship.

Tech-Based Practical Jokes

Technology is a fantastic tool for pulling off some of the most hilarious pranks on your boyfriend. The brilliance of these jokes lies in their subtlety and how they can be performed without leaving any clues.

Transferring Unfamiliar Pictures onto His Phone

This prank involves transferring pictures of an unfamiliar person onto his phone when he’s not looking. You could use images from free stock photo websites, ensuring that they’re not too controversial or inappropriate. Just imagine his surprise when he stumbles upon them.

Photoshopping Fake Conversations

If you have basic Photoshop skills, another fun trick is to create fake conversations that never happened. You could make it seem like he’s been invited to a non-existent party or agreed to do something outrageous. There are plenty of online tutorials on YouTube which can help you with this if you’re new to Photoshop.

The key here is maintaining a balance between hilarity and shock value – remember, the goal isn’t just about getting laughs but also creating memorable moments together as a couple. So go ahead, let technology add some humor into your relationship.

Classic Phone Screen Smash Prank

If you’re looking for a classic prank that never fails to get a reaction, the phone screen smash trick is perfect. It’s simple yet effective and will surely make your boyfriend gasp in horror before he realizes it’s all just a joke.

Swapping the Smashed Screen with a Real One

The first step of this prank involves getting an old phone that looks similar to his current device. You can either find an old one lying around or buy a cheap used model online. Once you have the decoy, use a hammer or another tool to create cracks on the screen – making sure not to damage anything else.

Next, when your boyfriend isn’t paying attention, swap out his actual device with the damaged one. Place it somewhere obvious where he’ll notice immediately like on top of his desk or inside his pocket. The key here is timing; do it when he’s distracted but likely to check his phone soon after.

This harmless trick works best if executed perfectly so plan carefully. And remember: pranks are meant for fun and laughter so always reveal the truth before things go too far.

Bathing and Kitchen Morning Routine Tricks

Everyone has a morning routine, whether it’s taking a shower or making breakfast. Why not add some unexpected fun to your boyfriend’s day with these hilarious pranks? Just remember to keep the humor light-hearted.

Covering Toiletries in Plastic Wrap

This prank is an oldie but goodie. Simply take his toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash – and cover the tops with plastic wrap. When he tries to squeeze out product during his bath time, nothing will come out. He’ll be dumbfounded and baffled.

Swapping Sugar for Salt

Picture yourself rousing from sleep in the wee hours, and eagerly heading to the kitchen for that familiar caffeine kick…only to find it tastes like brine. You can pull off this classic trick by replacing sugar with salt in your kitchen containers. Watch as he takes that first sip from his morning brew.

These simple yet effective pranks are sure ways to leave him bewildered during morning routines. They’re harmless enough not to ruin anyone’s day but still pack plenty of laughs when executed perfectly.

Food-Related Antics

If you’re looking to add some humor to your relationship, food pranks are an excellent choice. They’re unexpected and can be hilariously shocking.

Toothpaste-Filled Oreos Trick

One classic food prank involves replacing the cream filling in Oreos with toothpaste. Simply twist open an Oreo cookie, scrape off the original cream filling, and replace it with white toothpaste. The next time he reaches for his favorite snack, he’ll get a minty surprise instead.

Mashed Potato Sundae Dessert Prank

You can also play tricks on him by creating fake desserts like mashed potatoes disguised as ice cream sundaes – complete with nuts and sprinkles. To do this prank successfully, make sure to prepare regular mashed potatoes but serve them chilled in a sundae glass topped with gravy that looks like caramel sauce or chocolate syrup. Don’t forget to add some red cherry tomatoes at the top as if they were cherries.

Special Occasion Surprises

For an exciting twist to your relationship, take advantage of special occasions as a chance to have some fun and bring laughter. They provide the perfect backdrop for executing hilarious pranks on your boyfriend. Here are a couple of ideas:

Changing Attires Frequently on Valentine’s Day

This harmless prank will leave him puzzled and amused. Start by dressing up in one outfit, then excuse yourself after about 30 minutes to change into another completely different attire. Repeat this throughout the day and watch his reaction each time you appear in a new look. You can even check out these easy pranks for more inspiration.

Pretend Discussions About Marriage Plans

If it’s your anniversary or any other significant occasion, send him texts discussing supposed marriage plans that were talked over with parents – just make sure he knows it’s all in good humor at the end.

You could also promise big epic pranks leading up to April Fool’s Day, then announce losing engagement rings down drains… The possibilities are endless when it comes to pulling off memorable tricks during special occasions.

Social Media Platform Pranks

Social media platforms provide a plethora of options for pranking purposes. You can play tricks on your boyfriend that will not only surprise him but also engage your online friends in the fun.

Changing Birthday Dates on Facebook Profiles

A simple yet effective prank is changing his birthday date on Facebook. Imagine his confusion when he starts receiving early or late birthday wishes from unsuspecting friends. Just make sure you remember his actual birthdate so you can change it back later.

Drawing Tattoos via Profile Images

If you’re good with Photoshop or any other image editing tool, consider drawing a tattoo onto one of his profile pictures and then announce that he’s getting the real thing via text messages. The reactions from both him and your mutual friends are bound to be priceless.

Incorporating these social media platform pranks into your repertoire adds an extra layer of hilarity as they involve more people and create shared memories for everyone involved. Remember, always keep things light-hearted and ensure all parties involved find humor in the situation. Who knows, you might even start a new trend on social media.

Old-School Methods Still Work Wonders Today

If you think old-school pranks are outdated, think again. These classic tricks still pack a punch and can add an element of surprise to your prank game. They might seem traditional but when executed perfectly alongside modern techniques, they work wonders.

Hiding Walkie-Talkies Around the House

Remember those walkie-talkies from childhood? Try stashing the walkie-talkies around his house for a surprise – you never know when some strange sounds might come out of nowhere. Hide them around his house in unexpected places like under the bed or inside kitchen cabinets. Then start sending random messages or sounds at odd times – it will surely leave him scratching his head.

Ghost Poster Printouts

A simple yet effective trick is printing out ghost posters and sticking them on mirrors or windows late at night. You could even use images from popular horror movies for added effect. This online poster maker tool can help you create realistic ghostly images.

Besides these, changing caller ID pictures to something funny or scary before calling him can also be hilarious – just make sure not to give yourself away by laughing too hard.

The key with these old-school methods is creativity and timing – get those right and watch as he falls for your pranks every single time.

What are some funny pranks to do on your boyfriend?

You can try clothing pranks like sewing his boxer shorts shut, tech-based jokes such as changing his phone screen image, food-related antics like swapping sugar for salt, and even old-school methods such as hiding walkie-talkies around the house.

How can you prank your boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

Choose pranks that are light-hearted and fun, not mean-spirited, and always consider his reaction before executing a prank.

What are some creative ways to prank your boyfriend?

Get creative with photoshopping fake conversations on his phone, preparing toothpaste-filled Oreos, or changing birthday dates on his Facebook profile.

Are there any pranks that you should avoid doing on your boyfriend?

Avoid pranks that involve personal or sensitive topics that might upset him.

How can you tell if a prank has gone too far with your boyfriend?

If he seems genuinely upset or uncomfortable after the joke was revealed, it likely went too far. It’s important to apologize and discuss boundaries afterwards.

Remember to always have fun and keep it light-hearted, but avoid personal information of individuals, offensive or inappropriate content, and promoting harmful behavior or activities.


Looking for some more fun and creative ways to prank your boyfriend? Here are 5 more great ones:

  1. Swap the sugar for salt in the kitchen and watch his reaction when he takes a sip of his morning coffee.
  2. Scare him with a creepy mask or a fake spider.
  3. Change his phone’s autocorrect settings to replace common words with silly phrases.
  4. Put a fake parking ticket on his car and watch him panic.
  5. Replace his shampoo with hair dye and see how he reacts to a new hair color.

Remember to make sure your partner has a good sense of humor before trying any of these pranks, and always keep it lighthearted and fun!