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What You Need To Know About Bluetooth Beanie Cap:

Don’t you hate it when you’re jibbing down the mountain on your board and all you have to listen to is the wind flying past your ears? Obviously, you can’t throw on some earphones unless you have some sort of crazy death wish. But with the Soundbot Bluetooth Beanie Cap, you can carve mad tracks in the snow while blasting your favorite obscure indie band playlist.

Or maybe you’re not a boarder and just hate dealing with headphone cords when you’re making calls or listening to music. Maybe you like running in the cold and need a safer way to play your motivational tunes. Soundbot has a beanie cap for every activity, including one with a reflective strip on it so everyone will be able to see you panting heavily during your nighttime job.

High-Tech Hipsters, Rejoice

Whatever you’re into, this Bluetooth beanie cap allows you to listen to up to 5 hours of music from up to 33 feet away. The beanie comes in two colors– black and grey– and you can select the color of the control panel patch stitched on the edge.

The Bluetooth beanie cap makes you a multitasking master. With the built-in mic and speakerphone, hands-free calling has never been more straightforward. You can casually switch between phone calls and music for hours, safely counting on the attached rechargeable battery pack.

Had too much sweaty fun?

Don’t worry, the headset speaker and battery can be easily removed before tossing the cap in the washing machine. The versatile beanie cap fits effortlessly into your active lifestyle, ensuring you can multitask to your heart’s content.

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