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69-Hole Bubble Machine Gun Bubble Launcher

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What You Need To Know About Bubble Machine Gun:

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Did you know that there’s actual history behind the making of the bubble machine gun?

Meet the inventor: Bartleby J. Bubbles Jr.

He wasn’t your average entertainer. Sure, he could blow bubbles as good as anyone, but he always wanted more from life.

Bubble Machine Gun 1
Bubble Machine Gun 2

He spent years toiling in the children’s party scene. From small bubbles to large bubbles, he was always the hit of the party. But he wanted more.

He emerged years later in the club scene, showing up in the wee hours of the night, providing light shows, bubbles and excitement.

But he wanted more…

man blowing bubbles
guy that is blowing bubbles

Bartleby retired to his workshop and began tinkering with his bubble-blowing apparatuses.

The boring old bubble wands didn’t seem to bring the epic atmosphere he always dreamt about.
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For the first time ever, we’re proud to reveal some of his personal inventor notes from what Bartleby referred to as “the workshop iterations era.”

Bartleby J. Bubbles Jr. has finally done it. He had created the ultimate party machine for children, teens and adults alike.

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Bubble Machine Gun 3
It was the most incredible, automatic bubble blowing blaster the world had ever seen.
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Now YOU can take advantage of the most wonderful bubble blaster in history.

Featuring 56 holes for maximum bubble blasting.

With an automatic trigger, lights and the most incredible bubble blowing you’ve ever seen, this bubble machine gun is sure to blow more than just bubbles, it will blow your mind!

This Bubble Machine Gun is perfect for parties! Perfect for photos! Perfect for videos!

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The bubble blaster is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced. Just ask Mr. Bubbles Jr. –

“It was my life’s work to bring epic advancement to the party scene. With the bubble blaster, I am now confident that every child’s party or any party for that matter will be kicked up a notch, far beyond anything ever done in the history of bubbles. It is my wish for you to enjoy all the offerings of my bubble gun.”

guy blowing bubbles with the bubble machine gun

Not only is the bubble blaster perfect for parties...

But think of the unique ways you can be the reason someone has an amazing day:

This bad boy of a bubble gun is blasting out 2,000 bubbles per minute!

PER MINUTE. So hold on to your wig, because this thing is going to blow your mind.

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Act now, supplies are awesome – and colorful – and bubbly.

The bubble gun blaster of your dreams has arrived, and this thing is a beauty.

Thank you, Bartleby. We are eternally grateful for your incredible bubble invention.

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