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Thumbs Up Bubble Costume – Zoltan Bubble Wrap Suit from Dude, Where’s My Car? – Unisex Full Body Suit Funny Halloween Costumes

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What You Need To Know About The Bubble Wrap Suit:

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Let’s pop right to the chase: this is a bubble suit that will change your life.

You sit there, bored. Looking around. Dreaming of a better life.
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You get five minutes to yourself and you decide to lay down. Take a nap. Have a rest.

You think about “what could have been.”
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You think about “what life should be.”

Well it’s time to get off that two sackpack you call your rump and start living the life you know you deserve.

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Let’s face it: you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a fine china dish in the back of a moving truck anyway.

Enter: The Bubble Wrap Suit

All of these wishes can be fulfilled with the Bubble Wrap Suit, a hooded jacket and trouser set made entirely out of ready-to-pop bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap suit is like a rocket strapped to your back side, launching you into the life you’ve always wanted.

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The bubble wrap suit is the ultimate outfit for winners

You are a winner, aren’t you?

Hell yes you are.

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Here are just 3 inarguable reasons you absolutely need a suit made of poppable bubbles:

The Bubble Wrap Suit 1

With the bubble suit as part of your wardrobe, you set yourself apart from the lame brains and boring bozos.

You make it known “I am here to present myself as a one of a kind shipping parcel.”

Consider yourself as delicate and valuable as a historic piece of art.

You’d wrap that thing in a heap of bubble wrap, wouldn’t you?

Now picture yourself, creeping into a social gathering wearing a bubble wrap suit.

The crowd going wild, the people high fiving you, the suit causing unimaginable, extreme chaos (in a good way).

Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

This is the bubble suit you need.

This is the bubble suit you deserve.

This is the bubble suit of your dreams.

One size fits most.

If you’re a garden gnome or the Bigfoot, it may not fit you.

Otherwise, you’ll probably be fine.

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Don’t burst the bubble of the people around you.

They know you’re the hero – they’re the zeroes.

Prove it with this incredibly attractive (plastic) suit.

The bubble wrap suit will drastically change your life for the better.

The Bubble Wrap Suit 3
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If it doesn’t – just pop all the bubbles and start over again.

Why not waste your hard-earned cash on something like this?

Money emoji
The Bubble Wrap Suit 4

It’s all worth it just to see the jealous look on all your friend’s faces when you stroll in wearing this tasty number.

Imagine donning this jacket at a party and playing a mildly aggressive game of catch, with you as the ball.

It’s the ideal game that will satisfy both your drunk friends and those with years of pent-up anger they need to release.

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Only buy the Bubble Wrap Suit if you are fully committed to being awesome. If there is even a little microcell of your being that isn’t quite prepared...stay away. It will make you amazing.

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