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Our Thoughts on The Bubble Wrap Suit

Do you have a desire to pledge allegiance to the Zoltan? Have an obsession with popping bubble wrap? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a fine china dish in the back of a moving truck?

Enter: The Bubble Wrap Suit

All of these wishes can be fulfilled with the Bubble Wrap Suit, a hooded jacket and trouser set made entirely out of ready-to-pop bubble wrap.

The Bubble Wrap Suit 1

A one size fits all set, the bubble wrap suit is available for everyone to live out their best Ashton Kutcher fantasies. It’s the perfect accessory for when you’re searching for  your car after a wild night out with your best buddy by your side. The fun isn’t endless, however, as the bubbles are gone once you pop them, but this suit is ideal for Halloween costumes and gag gifts.

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Why not waste your hard-earned cash on something like this? It’s all worth it to see the jealous look on all your friend’s faces when you stroll in wearing this tasty number. Imagine donning this jacket at a party and playing a mildly aggressive game of catch, with you as the ball. It’s the ideal game that will satisfy both your drunk friends and those with years of pent-up anger they need to release.

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