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WHAT ON EARTH Cat Butt Tissue Holder – Orange Tabby Cat Square Tissue Box Cover- Cute Bathroom Accessories – Resin Tissue Dispenser

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What You Need To Know About Cat Butt Tissue Holder:

Love offering your guests tissues, but also wish those tissues could be delivered via the business end of a cat?

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 1

Well, you’re in luck!

This cat butt tissue holder is the product of your dreams! It does it all!

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 2
  • It’s a cat
  • It holds a box of tissues
  • It delivers tissues out of the butt
Cat Butt Tissue Holder 3

Imagine the look of delight your guests will have when they realize they’re retrieving a tissue FROM A CAT BUTT.

Here’s the best part: this particular cat butt tissue holder fits many kinds of tissues!

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 4
  • Tissues in a box
  • Tissues that have aloe
  • Tissues that don’t have aloe
  • Tissues that are Kleenex®️ brand
  • Tissues that are not Kleenex®️ brand

If you love being the talk of the town, this is the cat butt tissue dispenser for you!

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 5

It’s is a 100% true fact that Marshall Higgins of Buford, Wyoming once considered buying this product!

The whole town went wild even considering the idea that he would buy it. Imagine what happened when he finally did purchase it?!

They elected him Sheriff!


Anything can happen when you have the right feline booty tissue dispenser.

No more typing into your internet favorite search engine, “DOES A CAT STATUE THAT COULD ALSO PUT TISSUES OUT THE ASS EXIST OR NO?”

It does, and it’s here.

cat butt tissue holder

Here are just a few no-brainer reasons you’d better buy this cat butt tissue dispenser thing immediately:

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 6

1. Starting in 2021, any home without a cat butt tissue dispenser will no longer be allowed to purchase food. Crazy, but it’s true. Could you risk living your life without food? Doubt it. People like us, we like food.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 6

2. The FBI keeps a running list of citizens in the world who have cat butt tissue holders. Already have one Good. BUT IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE THAT’S AN ORANGE TABBY CAT, YOU ARE SCREWED. We can say what will happen, all we can suggest is that it involves water, a half-pound of pepperoni, several wrenches and a dartboard.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder 6

3. Face the facts: the universe wants you to have one, if you don’t, sooner or later it will take away your voice. WE SAID, IF YOU DON’T BUY THIS CATTRESS BUTTRESS TISSRUES BERX, YOU’LL START TO LERSE UR VERSE. Oh no, it’s happening. We’re losing our ability to speak. MUST BUY NOW. YOU TOO.

Live your best life alongside a little orange cat buddy who delivers tissues to people via its rear end. If that isn’t a life worth living, we honestly don’t know what is.

The cat butt tissue holder is perfect for gifts – or maybe just buy one for yourself. Heck – buy one for every room. Buy one for your office. Buy one for anyone who is awesome.

The Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser: When You Need to Blow Your Nose, But Also Want the Tissue You Use to Blow Your Nose Delivered from a Butt™

cat face tissue holder

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