Cat Mat

Are you a cultural archetype? Having 100 cats is desirable. Cats are mysterious furry creatures, and only the most devilish of women or men can remember all of their cat’s names. Playing yarm games with your cats may take up most of your time on a daily basis, this means you love your quality cat time. Some of your cats may be afraid of walking out the front door; this cushy cat door mat will inspire them to explore their empire. .


This mat will warn potential partners about your cat fetish, creating a portal for both cats and humans

Loving your cats is easy, however, enjoying other people when you have so many animals to take care of can be tricky. Cat women and men alike need to get laid, give your date a heads up when entering your furry home. Before they decide to take off their shoes and get freaky, they will be forewarned by your door mat “there’s like a lot of cats in here.”

For the cat lover in your life!

Product details– this mat can be used both inside and outside, and has the bonus of being machine washable! It may be hot or cold, but this doormat can make it through boiling, rainy and snowy days. The mat weighs 1.35 lbs and is 20 x 2.3 x 2 inches. Order your Cat Mat for yourself or a Cat lover today!

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