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What You Need To Know About The Cat Meow Sound Device:

There is someone in your life who needs to be pranked. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

But, how can you ensure maximum prank level action?

Sure, you could do the old stand-bys:

A whoopee cushion.

A bucket of water on the top of a door.

A phone call asking if their refrigerator is running.

Tape on the kitchen sink spray nozzle.

Lame. These are the bottom of the barrel pranks that are so undeserving of your attention, and we almost feel bad about mentioning them in your presence.

Pranks with cats though, that will never be lame:

Because you, dear reader, are a visionary. A prank genius who deserves only the best of the best.

Therefore, we are proud to finally unveil, and put at your feet, a find that we think you’ll love.

Behold, dear prank master: The Meowing Cat Sound Prank.

This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. The night’s you would toss and turn, with your brain on overdrive, pleading to the universe above “HOW CAN I PRANK THE PERSON IN MY LIFE WHO DESERVES IT THE MOST?”

Well, the answer has arrived. And it sounds an awful lot like a cat’s meow.

Here’s how it works:

The Cat Meow Sound Device 1

Place the cat prank sound generator in a random place, so it’s not seen (maybe under the counter, or in a sock. Whatever).

At random intervals, the gag will go off, shuttling cat meows into the world.

Some sound like a regular meow.

Others sound like the cat is in dire need of help.

Boy, will that set off the prank receiver!

Now that the prank has been unleashed, you can simply sit back and wait for the feeling of satisfaction that comes with one of the most fantastic pranks in the history of hoaxes.

Imagine the insanity of the person trying to find the non-existent cat! They might think things like:

The Cat Meow Sound Device 2

“Hey, is there a darn cat stuck in my wall, or what?!”

The Cat Meow Sound Device 3

“OMG, is there a cat stuck in my watermelon?!”

The Cat Meow Sound Device 4

“Holy Moly! A feline has apparently been let loose in my vicinity, but I can’t seem to locate it!”

The Cat Meow Sound Device 5

“Is there a cat in my attic having unanesthetized hip surgery?! What is that sound?!”

Sky’s the limit, my dear friends, now that you have the prank meow gag gift. Here are just a few locations you might consider, for maximum pranktitude:

The Cat Meow Sound Device 6

The trunk of your prank victims car, or even a glovebox. CAT’S WOULD NOT TYPICALLY BE IN A GLOVEBOX, HENCE THE HUMOR!!

The Cat Meow Sound Device 7

In your boss’ office. In a bottom drawer, all the way in the back, behind the files they have on you about underperformance at work due to spending the majority of your time researching pranks.

The Cat Meow Sound Device 8


The Cat Meow Sound Device 9

You could even put it in a classroom, so you can watch while the entirety of the class and Professor search for the cat in distress. BOOM: QUIZ CANCELLED!

Life will be better with your cat prank gag in it. Take advantage, man. Take advantage.

No products found.

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