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What You Need To Know About LaserKatVac The Cat Vacuum:

smiling cat.

Meet Mister Chubbles, the cat that makes other cats look lazy.

Have you ever heard of a cat that earns enough money to pay the mortgage on a nice, mid-sized starter home?

How about a cat that is not only painstakingly precise when it comes to floor maintenance, but also has an incredible knack for entertaining?

Mister Chubbles the cat does all of these things, with ease.

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MC, as his furry friends call him owns a sweet little suburban raised ranch on the West Coast.

He hosts parties of various shapes and sizes – all the while ensuring his home is spotlessly clean.

So how does Chubby Von Chubbenstein keep his pad so fresh and so clean all the time?
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Easy: he’s basically a Cat vacuum.

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You read that correctly: Mister Chubbles is like some sort of weird, freaky half cat half vacuum cyborg that patrols the floors of any space he is in with the speed and intensity of a vacuum sent to clean up all the sand on a beach.

Mister Chubbles can do it all, check out these Cat Vacuum Features:

The master purveyor of all floors, that’s Mister Chubbles.

So what better way to spread his non-existent wings than by starting his own brand of cat vacuum?

Now, all of the genius of Mister Chubbles can be yours – and your cats.
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The Mister Chubbles vacuum accessory not only allows you to have guaranteed clean floors – but it also allows you to control your cat through a laser headband.

No more hearing from your cat that they “have to go to the litter box real quick,” or “wants some wet cat food to wash down that pile of dry cat food” they just devoured.

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The laser head beam let’s them know it’s floor cleaning time, so get to it!

Not only does the Cat Vacuum Attachment system clean up cat hair, it cleans up everything on your floors.

*The MC LaserKatVac will change your life, guaranteeing a pristine floor every day.

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Will your cat love it?

Probably not.

They’ll basically be Alice from The Brady Bunch for the rest of their lives, but oh well, you need to earn your keep – so get to vacuuming, little buddy.

As a matter of fact, the LaserKatVac Cat Vacuum could open up a new stream of unrecognized revenue for you!

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Imagine sending your cat to the neighbors house to clean.

A friend’s house.

Even strangers!

Everyone will love the traveling cat and their vacuum!

Plus, they’ll love the wonderfully spotless floors left behind.

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Floors so clean you could even eat wet cat food off it.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Chubbles?

Get the LaserKatVac today, by Mister Chubbles. Life changing vacuuming for felines and humans.

It’s a prank box, dude. Still awesome...but not a vacuum for cats.

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