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What You Need To Know About The Corgi Butt Coin Purse:

Do you want people to look at you and think, “Wow they have their corgi obsessed life completely together.” Don’t give them a reason to doubt that by adding this corgi butt coin purse to your collection.

Take your Corgi obsession to a whole new level

Throw that spare change that we both know will never be used into this cute and furry little corgi bootie shaped change holder. Not only is it top of the line plush, but it is detailed with the corgis signature little legs and fluffy small pom-pom-like tail.

You have the dog.

You own the calendars.

Your walls adorned with the cute furry little booties.

But now it’s time to show everyone while shopping that the obsession does not stop there.

BAM! Now the Corgi Coin Purse!

This hilarious and adorable Corgi butt coin purse is sure to turn heads and get a few laughs!

Who isn’t obsessed with Corgis these days?

These adorable, ridiculously disproportionate pups have quickly become a favorite among dog owners all over the world! Show off your undying obsession for this beloved breed by keeping all of your spare change in its rear end! This hilarious coin purse is an absolute must-have for the Corgi lover with a sense of humor.

Not only does this coin purse have a Corgi’s fluffy rear end, but their signature stumpy feet and fluffy pom-pom tail! There will be no doubt as to what type of dog this coin purse celebrates in the most light-hearted and absurd fashion possible. Show off your unique style and indescribable love for your pet with this unusually adorable accessory.

Not only does this Corgi butt coin purse make a great novelty gift, but it is actually incredibly practical! How often have you had to feverishly dig through the depths of your backpack or purse to find some loose change? Avoid the awkward event of change-hunting and store it all in an adorable Corgi’s fluffy behind!

Even if you are more of a “plastic person”, forgoing cash and change and charging your expenses instead, this coin purse is large enough to store your cards, keys, and phone! And of course, there’s plenty of room inside to keep multiple photos of your pack of Corgis. You can even use it to store your doggie bags when you take your Corgi out for a walk!

The Corgi Butt Coin Purse 1

This funky pouch is sure to be a great ice breaker, and help you meet fellow Corgi lovers! Who knows? Maybe you can set your Corgi up on a play date, or perhaps the cute cashier at the local grocery store is just as obsessed with these wonderful dogs as you are! Everyone at the dog park will be wondering where you got your new Corgi coin purse!

The Corgi Butt Coin Purse 2

This coin purse makes a perfect gift for men and women of all ages who are dog owners, dog lovers, dog walkers, dog sitters or just have a good sense of humor! This practical and humerus accessory will make those bold enough to carry it stand out from the crowd by showing off their unique and quirky style.

The Corgi Butt Coin Purse 3

This Corgi coin purse is as soft as… well, a Corgi’s behind! It’s so furry you may feel like you are petting your own Corgi every time you pull it out to grab some change, your keys, or whip out some photos to show off your “kids” at home! The Corgi butt coin purse has a zipper enclosure, ensuring all your precious and important items stay safely stowed away inside!

This cute coin purse has some wonderful features, 6 to be exact:

1. An adorable, soft, and comically large Corgi behind, complete with hind feet and a tail

2. This pooch Measures 12 cm in length and 9 cm in width; large enough for your phone, keys, cards & cosmetics! 

3. A secure zipper enclosure for safely storing personal items

4. It makes for a perfect gift for yourself, family members, friends, or dog care specialists

5. No Corgis are harmed in the making of this novelty coin purse!

6. Make a fashion statement that just screams, “I have four Corgis at home but am always open to adopting more!”. Attract attention, get some laughs, and make new friends who share your love of Corgis with this adorable Corgi butt coin purse!

Reach for your change in style with this little pooch pouch.

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