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HSTYAIG Face Coin Bank Money Eating Coin Bank Battery Powered Monkey Saving Box (Blue)

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What You Need To Know About Creepy Coin Eater:

Oh, the Poetic Irony

Lord have mercy on us all, what foul creature hath thou wrought? Now, for a low low price, you can own the soul of a former banker, forever imprisoned in this hellish piggy bank. Frozen, save for a mouth that can open just wide enough to gobble up money.  Torment him for all eternity, as you force him to eat your spare change, day in, day out. Gaze into his pleading eyes as they silently beg you for mercy.

Here's for all the ATM Fees

Entertain your house guests by bringing out your demented torture device and letting them feed the greedy bastard coin after coin of sweet, sweet justice. Take that, global banking system! This one is for ATM fees! Leave it on your friends’ bedside tables while they’re sleeping and get in their closet to watch as they wake up screaming in terror. Then you can both enjoy a fun session of coin storing and have a good laugh about it. Trade it with Satan when comes to claim your soul for giving you the power to play awesome guitar riffs. Teach your children a valuable lesson about saving, while also instructing them in the dangers of unfettered greed with one terrifying piggy bank. Those little cretins need to learn the value of a dollar and the danger of stealing a billion of them from society. Years later, as they climb the corporate ladder, this piggy bank’s horrifying visage will continue to haunt their nightmares, keeping them on the straight and narrow.

The most Entertaining way to become Monetarily Aware

Make society a better place, bring about the rise of the proletariat, and give your kids a fun place to store their pocket money, all in one nifty gadget! It is also just a fully functional piggy bank, so if your home is already furnished with a selection of unsettling faces, why not add this one to the collection?

This piggy bank allows you to take control of your money and all of your pent up aggression towards the bankers who once had power; not anymore!

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