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Vinmax Over The Door Cervical Traction Set for Neck Shoulder Pain Brace Relief Head Home, Neck Disk Relief, Shipping from US

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What You Need To Know About DIY Neck Pain Relief:

You probably have a perfect reason for viewing this product. Maybe you’re in pain. Your neck, shoulders, head, and back. Whatever it is, we’re sure it’s probably not fun.

Maybe you even feel a little bit bad for yourself, and are thinking “Is the Vinmax Over the Door Cervical Traction Set even going to do anything to help give me some sort of natural neck pain relief?”

The short answer to that question is a very easy, yes!

The longer answer may be of more use to you, however. In fact, instead of just a straight “answer,” we’re going to share a parable of sorts with you to illustrate just how sweet this DIY neck product really is.

lady with neck pain

Meet Xingjuan-Zhu.

Xingjuan-Zhu is your typical gal. She likes doing physical stuff.

She works out, jams out to Eminem, works hard, and gives life everything she’s got.

One time she ate four hot dogs just for the heck of it.

Not to impress her friends or impress a young attractive male companion…but just because she wanted to.

Xingjuan-Zhu spent her days chasing adventure in all forms.

Unfortunately, one day, that came to bite her straight in the booty.

Well, straight in the back, actually.

She was traveling about town, perusing the incredible, unique offerings of her local city, when something strange happened.

DIY Neck Pain Relief 1

She went to give a homeless man a nickel, and she slipped (Xingjuan-Zhu, not the homeless man. Don’t worry, the homeless man is fine. Doing great actually. He just got a pretty beautiful apartment uptown).

When Xingjuan-Zhu slipped, all the years of adventure caught up with her in an instant.

The bike riding, the weight lifting, the lawn mowing, the high fives, the free hugs, the knee-slapping, the piggy-back giving.

The slip caused her back to hurt so much; she had to go home and forego the perusing.

When she arrived home, the sharp pain in her back went away…and unfortunately became a nagging, uncomfortable pain.

DIY Neck Pain Relief 2
DIY Neck Pain Relief 3

Xingjuan-Zhu was the definition of awesome, so she pretended not to notice.

She continued being the coolest she could be, waking up early, drinking exotic tea, reading the finest literature, so on and so forth.

But then one day it occurred to Xingjuan-Zhu. Instead of chasing adventure, she was docile.

Sure, the tea and books were great…but the nagging back pain caused her to stop doing what she really loved: living comfortable and being adventurous.

Enter the Vinmax Over The Door Cervical Traction Set.

The Ultimate DIY Neck Pain Relief

DIY Neck Pain Relief 4

Xingjuan-Zhu ordered it from this very awesome website.

DIY Neck Pain Relief 5

She received it.

She set it up.

She used it.

Xingjuan-Zhu’s pain was relieved while using it.

It caused her to be happy.

It caused her to be herself again.

And guess what?

DIY Neck Pain Relief 6

Not only is Xingjuan-Zhu back in action, but she’s also giving homeless people all over the place free nickels.

The Over The Door DIY Neck Stretcher can you get back on the straight and narrow, back to being you.

Back to being awesome.

DIY Neck Pain Relief 7

Back to being the Xingjuan-Zhu of your town.

The one without neck pain.

Just like everyone else wishes they could be.

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