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CC O PLAY Ultimate Dodgeball Game for Kids | 2-Player Toy Set 2 Vests, 6 Dodge Balls, & Drawstring Bag | Fun Dodge Tag Game for Indoor and Outside | Birthday Gift for Boys and Girls 6+ Years

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What You Need To Know About Ultimate Dodgeball Tag:

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Remember the days of just sitting on a screen, endlessly browsing content that you didn’t create until your thumb was sunburned from so much screen light?


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Make the decision to get off your duff, your bum, your backside or your rear. Whatever you call it. 

Dodgeball Tag is the answer you’ve been looking for

Even if you weren’t initially sure of the question.

The real question is:

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It’s all of the things your mind, body and soul have ever wanted all in one place. Movement, fun, ridiculousness have all joined together to bring the glory of childhood games to all ages.

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It’s part dodgeball, part tag.

The real question is:

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HOW COULD THIS BE you might be screaming to yourself. HOW CAN I PLAY THIS?

Well, the answer is easy: You order this dodgeball tag set. You wait patiently for the package to arrive. It arrives.

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You peer through your window and a smirk begins to crawl it’s way onto your face. You run outside, nearly tripping over your own feet in excitement. You rip open the package.


Now all that’s left to do is round up your people. Friends? Family? Neighbors? All of them at the same time?

Ultimate Dodgeball Tag 1

It’s happening! Play dodgeball tag until your happy, full heart's content.

Perfect for all ages, it’s the ideal solution to get you up and moving all day every day – or just on the weekend’s when you realize “wait a second, I haven’t moved off the couch in hours.

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So what are people saying about dodgeball tag? Let’s just say they don’t like it. THEY ABSO’FREAKIN’LUTELY love it.

Ultimate Dodgeball Tag 2

“I abso’freakin’lutely love dodgeball tag!”

Vern G.


Ultimate Dodgeball Tag 3

“Dodgeball tag was the hit of my wedding reception! I’m not sure why we added it into our wedding day, but what a thrill. The guests were immediately enamored!”

Carl W.

Oakland, CA

Ultimate Dodgeball Tag 4

“Why didn’t I think of this?! It’s gets my kids out of the house for hours - sometimes days or weeks! I actually haven’t seen my oldest in several years. I love this game!”

Gary O.

Long Island, NY

Ultimate Dodgeball Tag 5

Don’t miss out on the newest sensation rocking the nation. A new take on an old classic. The game to end all games. The greatest thing to ever happen to everyone of all ages!

Dodgeball Tag. Get it. Play it. Love it.

Ultimate Dodgeball is the best game for kids! With this toy, they can have hours of fun playing indoors or outdoors. It’s great for all seasons and ages 4 and up. Comes with a drawstring storage bag and is easy to clean. This game also includes multiplayer games.

Side Thought: If you are getting this to play it with your kids, throwing balls at young children is totally fine, right?

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