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NORLANYA Electric Head Massager KS-2800A (Helmet Type), Pain Relief Relaxing Apparatus

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What You Need To Know About The Electric Head Massager:

The Electric Head Massager 1

You seem stressed out a little bit lately, is everything OK?

Come on, why are you so anxious?
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Seems Like You May Need an Electric Head Massager...

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I mean, it’s not like we’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, right? That would be crazy, right?!

The way you’re acting, you’d think the Pentagon released documents confirming the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life!

What do you think, an alien is going to come and take over the planet?

Probably not…right?

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You couldn’t possibly be sitting in the same room for the last six months endlessly scrolling through a newsfeed of doom that only lets you know all of the absurdity happening in the world…no one does that.


OK, we can all agree: we’re not OK.


Thankfully, there is the wonderful world of self-care.

And in that world is an electric head massager!

It’s the relief you need to not feel like a monkey trapped in a cage with nothing to do, in constant fear of everything and pretty much functioning on less sleep than a goldfish.

In the world of self-care, there are fewer things more wonderful than the Breo iDream5s Head Massager.

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Not only does this beauty look gorgeous, futuristic and fabulous – this beast works like a charm.

Like a lucky charm, actually.

It works like a damn leprechaun slid down a rainbow and handed it to you with a knowing smile that says, “Yeah, dude. This year isn’t going so well. Let’s fix that.

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Kick the backside of stress away with the ridiculously delicate and calming head massager.

Enjoy music and control the Breo iDream massage helmet from your phone.

The electric head massager improves sleep quality, reduce stress and enhance deep relaxation for your whole body.

This all in one head massager literally melts stress away.

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Frankly, it’s better than just melting it away. The electric head massager takes stress and knocks it out flat with the ideal solutions of massage, cooling, heating and more.

Tell the outside world, “You know what, screw you…I’m relaxing” with the Breo iDream 5s.

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Does it suck outside?

Sometimes – but not when you’ve got the scalp massager that feels like your own personal futuristic massage therapist in your own home.

Time to wind down and get that beauty sleep you very much deserve.

Not that you’re not already super attractive…but let’s be honest, you could be sleeping better – especially when the nightmares seem to only happen during the day.

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With the Breo iDream 5s, you take self-care into your own hands (well, at least into your own head).

Now you’ve got a safe, relaxing, carefree space. Consider it the opposite of the news. The opposite of social media. Consider it your sanctuary of awesomeness.

Now sit back, play some mellow music and let the massager do it’s thing.

Darn right it feels good. You deserve it.

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