Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Oh, look who it is, Johnny Moneybags. Walking around town like he owns the damn place.

Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 1

Do you smell that? What is that odor?

No, it’s not his armpits….

It’s the hot new cologne “Eau De New money.” 

The stench is beautifully overwhelming.

But, how did Johnny Moneybags get so flush with cash?


He got six lottery tickets for a gift just a few hours ago.

And every single one of those bad boys won him $50,000 in (he doesn’t know yet, so shhhhh… don’t tell him!) fake cash.

Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 2
Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 3

Let’s keep this a secret though as he’s not quite aware that they won him fake cash.

BUT we’re pretty sure he’ll figure it out soon.

And it will be hilarious.

So here’s the secret, straight from the bank vault on these fantastically faux lottery scratch tickets:

Six scratch tickets.

They look real.

They feel real.

They scratch off like they were real.

They show that the ticket has won $50,000.

Every single scratch ticket is a $50,000 winner.

They’re fake. HAHAHAH

Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 4
Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 5
Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 6

So while Johny Moneybags thinks he is loaded, truth be told, he’s no better off now then he was before the gift.

Except that soon, when he finds out that he isn’t really the winner, he’ll laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

And Cry. (from laughing of course)

He’ll feel so happy at being hoodwinked.

He’ll think the gift giver was so clever, that there’s a good chance he’ll start spitting nickels.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Moments. Happy moments. Laughing. At not winning thousands of dollars. Because you’ve been pranked?

We think it is.

Because maybe, Johnny Moneybags will learn a lesson from all this.

Maybe he’ll realize those fake lottery tickets were a gift from the Heavens.

He’ll realize he is rich in so many other ways.

Living on a beautiful planet.

In a beautiful place.

With a wonderful family and friends.

Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 7
Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 8

Then he thinks about what it would be like if he were actually rich.

Kinda like he thought he was with the fake scratch tickets.

So he then starts working hard to earn real money.

All of a sudden he’s driving around town in some sort of crazy car that looks like it belongs in a car show.

He soon will be able to upgrade from a cool t-shirt to a beautiful suit, tailored impeccably.

He lives in a mansion.

Where he has an indoor pool.


He’s living high on the hog. Because of the giver of the gift that was fake lottery tickets.

Wow. I know, such a truly profound,  motivating story.

The life of a prank lottery ticket receiver, changed, because one of his buddies gave him a thoughtful, ridiculous gift.

You could be that gift giver.

You could change a life.

It’s time you do that. Do just that.

Everything about these lottery tickets seems legit. Just like you.

You’ll love the reaction you get, and believe us, the story will last a lifetime.

So here’s to fake $50,000 lottery tickets, a lifetime of memories, and most importantly:

To Johnny Moneybags.

Fake Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets 9