Finger Hands For Finger Hands

You are human, and like most humans, you’ve got two hands and five fingers on each hand.

Finger Hands For Finger Hands 1

We, humans, tend to take those meaty slap factories for granted, and all the marvelous things they can do.

Just think if you had hands for your hands for your hands!

Finger Hands For Finger Hands 2

What’s better than a helping hand?

10 more helping hands, duh!

They’re weird and fun and make you look so wonderfully odd when you wave at people.

But after a while, even those tiny finger hands aren’t enough.

You’ve tried to make finger puppets for your small hands, but micro crafting isn’t your strong suit.

Your fake appendages need their own fake appendages! Enter finger hands for finger hands! These tiny vinyl meat sticks are like the movie Inception; a dream within a dream.

Finger Hands For Finger Hands 3

Think of the possibilities! 

Give new meaning to “finger me” and “finger-lickin’ good.”

Step up your massage game by offering your significant other the 62-hands massage (or 310 fingers-massage, whichever sounds more appealing). Or display ultimate manners by keeping your hands, all of your hands, to yourself.

Some may call it a gag gift while others might consider it the only legal way to satisfy your not-so-normal biological urge to suck on tiny little fingers.

These finger puppets come in light and dark skin tones and are available in bulk for whatever creepy plans you might have in store for them. No questions asked!

It’s time to get handsy.