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Strip Straps™: Ankle Straps for Flip Flops (Shorts, Black)

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What You Need To Know About Flip Flop Straps:

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Historically, there has always been major problems with flip-flops.

They either flip or they flop. Here’s what is the worst about that: both words are terrible.

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No one uses “flip-flop” as a superlative. It’s not a good thing.

No one is ever like, “Hey, man – good work out there today, you were really flip-flopping like a pro!

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Even politicians who flip-flop on the issues are critically panned.

This is why Edgardo Sandal has decided to introduce Flip Flop Straps.

In 1993 in the sunny sand of San Pablo, Edgardo Sandal had an issue.
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He wanted to hike. He wanted to explore. He wanted to feel confident that the footwear he was wearing wouldn’t flip-flop and cause him discomfort, or worse – to fall.

Unfortunately for him, he was wearing flip-flops.

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Instead of flip-flopping on the footwear, he improved it. He took some straps, crafted them professionally and incredibly and created the world’s first: 

strip-straps for flip-flops.

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It took his mere flip-flops and gave them stability! They gave them strength! This made them safe for adventure!
Edgardo Sandal had taken flip-flops…and made them on-demand sandals!
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Now, thanks to an adventurer who truly understood the value of safety and durability, Strip-Straps are available for all!

These clever flip flop straps attach to any flip-flop for a more stable stride any time you need it.

Maybe you don’t need them when you’re lounging on a beach enjoying several thousand umbrella drinks – but say after umbrella drink #7,191 you want to see the world. You want to explore! You want to live!

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Welcome, strip-straps. They’ll help you get the job done.

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Sold with a lifetime guarantee, strip-straps aren’t just for the blurry eyed beach goer – they are for true adventurers.

From the farmers market to the mountain. From the sideroads to the offroads. Strip-Straps turn your sandals into the ultimate adventure buddy.

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Here are just a few scenarios you might want to bust out your Flip-Flop Strip-Straps for:

These Flip Flop Straps are small, convenient, easy to carry and durable.

You can keep these flip flop straps in your car, your bike, your pocket – wherever you need to go, they go too!

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Live the adventure life thanks to the foresight and brilliance of Edgardo Sandal (who also goes by the name of Fletcher Cox).

From flip-flops to sandals in one easy switch. Strip-Straps make it happen. Never flip-flop on adventure again!

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