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Florida Man the Epic Adult Coloring Book: Outrageous Tales of Misadventure and Mayhem (Florida Man Mayhem)

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What You Need To Know About The Florida Man Coloring Book:

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If there was one state in the United States of America that matters, we can all agree that it’s Florida.

As a matter of fact, Florida is the breeding ground for a superior type of human being that is now finally gaining the global attention they so rightfully deserve.
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Enter: the Florida Man.

The Florida Man Coloring Book 1

The Florida Man is not like you and I. He is better than we could ever hope to be.

The Florida Man’s hunger for life knows no boundaries, and he is not afraid to grab life by the tail and swing that thing around like he just doesn’t care.

Oh, it should also be mentioned – he definitely doesn’t care.

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When it comes to shenanigans, they are led by the proud Florida Man.

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Sure, it would be easy to laugh at this man.

He is the one who isn’t afraid to dance like no one is watching…on top of a police car.

He’s the person who loves like they’ve never been hurt before…even though the goat they love so much (maybe too much) has left him for someone of their own species.

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But instead of casting doubt upon the importance of The Florida Man, we suggest you salute him.

Learn from his pure awesomeness.

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Enter: the Florida Man Adult Coloring Book.

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Filled with headlines and incredibly detailed photos, you now can learn from the epic shenaniganry while expressing your artistic flare for the absurd.

A Few of the Best Florida Man Headline Examples:

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Reading those headlines, you are likely filled with a zest for life that you have never experienced.

Because of the Florida Man we can all realize the limitless life that so few would ever dare engage in.

Are we encouraging you to be more like the Florida Man?
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No, of course not.

He’s insane, unhinged and more than likely drunk off a case of cheap light beer.

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What if, instead of passing judgement, you learned from him.

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You learned, “No, I probably shouldn’t tear a urinal off the wall in some dive bar and then rip off all my clothes and run away from the police.

Wow. Thank you Florida Man. You have taught us all!

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As a matter of fact not only were we exhilarated with your stupidity – we actually all now feel better about ourselves!

Page after page of valuable life lessons, all from the man living life like a damn maniac.

The Florida Man.

36 headlines ripped from the local Florida news scene now paired with gorgeous illustrations for you to color.

Get your adult on, while reading about the superior Florida Man and his stupidity.

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