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disposable subtle butt

Every person who prides themselves on personal excellence swears by The Fart Neutralizer. Whether you’re a queen of a prominent country, the king of a small island, or a person in-between homes in a tiny town in North Dakota, you are likely aware of the urgency to make your farts less noticeable. Frankly, the only […]

“Oh, Mimi – could you fetch me another hors devours please?” “Ah, yes, Furball, I fancy a dessert to satisfy my naughty sweet tooth, my dear!” That could be you. That could be you speaking to your pets as you finally come to the realization that not only can your pet be your best friend, […]

a funny nerd

The NERD SQUAD has officially blown open its doors and is welcoming new members who can fall in line with what it means to be the nerdiest of nerds. Fortunately, if you’re not quite prepared to join the NERD SQUAD, this all in one NERD KIT is going to get you almost all the way to the finish line.

popping fun costume

Do you have a desire to pledge allegiance to the Zoltan? Have an obsession with popping bubble wrap? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a fine china dish in the back of a moving truck? Enter: The Bubble Wrap Suit All of these wishes can be fulfilled with […]

funny poop emoji shaped cake

Getting angry is easy, but getting even instead of angry is hands-down the best option, always, in every situation. Let’s say your ex may have broken up with you on your birthday because, well, you thought that they were just cold-hearted meanies. Well, are you ready for the truth? The real reason? It is because […]


The Fanny Pack Sandals Are The Coolest Things Ever. Here’s Why: Want the ease of a fanny pack without the inconvenience of a strap on muffin top? No worries, these sandals have you covered.  Walk around hands-free in these fanny pack sandals by Nike.   These sandals will have you being the talk of the town.  […]

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dog coin holder

Do you want people to look at you and think, “Wow they have their corgi obsessed life completely together.” Don’t give them a reason to doubt that by adding this corgi butt coin purse to your collection. Take your Corgi obsession to a whole new level Throw that spare change that we both know will […]

novelty meat first-aid bandages

Tired of ordinary bandages? Unwilling to sacrifice your love of high-fat meats? Some small injuries can really sizzle, but you can fight fire with fire with a bacon bandage. Bacon bandages use the same principle of holding a frozen steak on your black eye without any of the clean-up. A boring first-aid bandage (you know, […]

coffee mug

How do you communicate to your loving boss and awesome fellow employees that you really shouldn’t be given any extra responsibility? With the World’s Okayest Employee Coffee Mug, that’s how! You’ve tried everything else to cultivate an air of mediocrity such as: Waltzing on into work late every other day. Doing all your presentations using […]

Oh, Look Who It Is: Johnny Money Bags! Look at Johnny, walking around like some sort of financial wizard with those money bags. You think there’s no end to the riches you can amass, right?  The whole world is your oyster. And it’s a damn tasty oyster. Filled with priceless pearls. It’s nothing to you. […]

Oh, look who it is, Johnny “Lottery” Moneybags. Walking around town like he owns the damn place. Do you smell that? What is that odor? No, it’s not his armpits…. It’s the hot new cologne “Eau De New money.”  The stench is beautifully overwhelming. But… how did Johnny Moneybags get so flush with cash? Easy! […]

the complaint grenade ensures no more complaints!

What Do You Do With Complaints? As the wise and wonderfully talented LL Cool J once remarked in the 1992 hit song “Mama Said Knock You Out,”: “Explosions are overpowering, and over the competition, I’m towering.” Imagine that — what a line. And you could live that life every single second of your life with […]

Have you ever wondered what happens behind your back? The reality of being a human being is that you can’t naturally look forward and backward at the same time. That sucks. Especially when you take into consideration the things we’ve found out happen while an average person has their back turned. Check out this time […]

Thy cut is in itself a complete disaster of epic proportions! You know your slice of skin which has caused blood to make itself viewable to the world is embarrassing, yes? As a matter of fact, we are all embarrassed by the cut. It is small. It is slight. It is so minute, that it […]

Hi! My name is: Cornelius. I am an adult, who was raised by my parents through the things they learned in “How to Traumatize Your Children.” If you ask me, I think it’s a wonderful book. I think it’s a wonderful book filled with amazing techniques to help children become better human beings. A book […]

prank mail packages

Time to kick up your embarrassing mail prank game a notch, compliments of the United States Postal Service. Let’s say, in theory, you’ve got a friend who needs to be put in their place. Imagine a world where you’d be able to send them a fraudulent gift right to their mailbox that looked real, but […]

thats what she said button

MY NAME IS PRISON MIKE. THEY CALL ME PRISON MIKE BECAUSE I’VE BEEN IN PRISON. AND MY NAME IS MIKE. You think it’s all fancy dances and handshakes in prison? Because let me tell you, buddy, it’s not. It’s not waking up leisurely at quarter past eight while a butler gives you a nice warm […]

Clocky is the original runaway alarm clock on wheels that helps you get up and go with some extra pep in your step! Clocky rolls! Clocky runs! You’ve got to catch Clocky to turn off your morning alarm! What a wonderful novelty to help you wake up with a smile every day! So cool. Oh, […]