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Are you a purveyor of fine, starchy vegetables, but also have a penchant for gaming? Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through game sections of websites thinking; “Gosh, if there was only a wonderfully engaging activity that merged both my love of hot potatoes and, secretly, my desire to quite literally shock people with volts […]


When you’re of the older generation and haven’t experienced much culture, it’s hard to understand today’s slang.  But with these Slang Flashcards we can teach your brain all about slang so that even those most triflin’ bustas will be representing in no time! The youth have created a language of their own these days, and […]

8 ball that is sarcastic and funny

Let’s be real. There are very few things in this world that you can shake and instantly receive a sarcastic answer from… Honestly, has your brain ever even considered something like that? Sad. Sad that we even had to bring this to your attention. But in sadness, there is hope. Let’s consider something very important […]

clue game game of thrones addition

Murder is a common theme in Game of Thrones. Just when you get attached or start sympathizing with a character…boom! They’ve been barbecued with wildfire or had their throat sliced end to end like a sacrificial goat. More than 30 characters died in the season six finale, and yet you yearn for more Westeros mystery […]

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