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Allures & Illusions Giant Googly Eyes (Set of 2)

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Our Thoughts on Giant Googly Eyes:

Giant Googly Eyes 1

Please take a moment to reflect on the wonderful prose from, classically trained popular music star of the 1980’s, Kendall “Rockwell” Gordy as he sang in his 1984 smash hit “Somebody’s Watching Me,”,

I always feel like…somebody’s watching me….whoa-oh-oh. I always feel like…somebody’s watching me…and I have no privacy…whoa-oh-oh!”

Giant Googly Eyes 2

Poor Rockwell. Why did he feel such a way?

Giant Googly Eyes 3

Was it the millions upon millions of adoring fans who were waiting with bated breath on his every move? Was it his music label record executives who were hungry for more chart-climbing hits?

Let’s dig further into the mind of a lyrical genius:

I don’t know anymore

Are the neighbors watching me?

(Who’s watching?)

Well, is the mailman watching me?

(Tell me who’s watching?)

And I don’t feel safe anymore, oh, what a mess

I wonder who’s watching me now (who?), the IRS?

In summary, Rockwell believed it could have been possible the following people who were watching him.

Giant Googly Eyes 4

1. The Neighbors. This may be a problem. If it is the neighbors watching him at any given time, there’s actually a more accurate name: Peeping Tom. Upon further investigation on behalf of this website, we can confirm the only neighbors Mr. Gordy had was an elderly woman named Ruth who seemed more concerned with watching her daily Supermarket Sweep game show reruns than caring what a guy with one mildly popular song was doing next door.

Giant Googly Eyes 5

2. The Mailman. Why? Potentially because he had a super important Val-Pak coupon book to deliver? Was the envelope overstuffed with savings? Could Rockwell have saved 10% on all local pizza deliveries, or even better – get free installation on a storm window purchase if bought before October 30?

Giant Googly Eyes 6

3. The IRS. Turns out Kendall wasn’t a huge fan of paying taxes, so this could be it. Oh, and the fact that the IRS is always watching everyone. But honestly…they aren’t physically watching. It’s more of an electronic thing.

So…who…or should we say…WHAT was watching him?

We found out. It’s the same thing that could be watching you if you decide to move forward with this incredible find.


Giant Googly Eyes 7

You can put them anywhere! In any room! Make any space look like it has eyes. Eyes that are watching you.

Friggin’ fantastic. Campy. Beautiful.

Have a taste of what likely drove Rockwell to one hit wonder-town.

Giant Googly Eyes 8

Google Eyes? Not exactly…

googly eyes

Googly eyes.

Let people who come into your space know that you’ve got peepers the size of basketballs staring at them at all times.

These are sure to make your room look awesome, but also lend that slight bit of concern that every man, woman or child will feel when they step in and see these.

You’ve been put on notice.

Somebody is watching you.

It’s these googly eyes.


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