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Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses for Fishing, Bird Watching, Sports, Concerts, Theater, Opera, TV, Sight Seeing, Hands-Free Opera Glasses for Adults Kids (Green Film Optics)-Upgraded

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What You Need To Know About Hands-Free Binoculars:

Are you a big sports fan? Then you are probably well aware of the saying “seeing double” after a good parking lot tailgate. You have downed a sufficient amount of beer and are having a great time with your buddies, but all the sudden you realize your seats are too far away from the field. You want to see what’s going on, but you are double fisting two cold ones. Why not start seeing triple with these hands-free binoculars?

Your Binoculars have Great Frames

hands-free binoculars

These frames are lightweight, come with a sweet carrying case and 1-year warranty in case you trip and fall while cheering on your favorite sports team. Your friends will all be jealous that they can’t see the game up close and personal while throwing back a beer, and holding up a #1 fan sign. The glasses are designed to fit your face so that they won’t fall off. The sportnoculars will not cause any further dizziness, and a professionally designed breathalyzer should address all symptoms.

Seeing Double?

When you want to go back to seeing double, you can let your new binoculars hang comfortably around your neck. These are the ultimate addition to your game ready gear. So pack up the truck, and designate your teenage child to drive you safely home. I mean come on what else are teenagers good for? Uncontrollable hormonal imbalances?

Hands-free binoculars are the ultimate addition to your sports gear collection. Sport two beers in hand while zooming in on every touchdown this season.

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