Hands-Free Umbrella

I am just going to come right out and ask, do you want everyone to talk about you? You don’t have to admit it to anyone else, but you don’t need to lie to yourself while reading. This is the conversation piece of the year, imagine yourself at a concert and people (ladies) walk right up to you and want to talk about this exciting outfit choice. Or let’s say you rave, you don’t wear a lot of clothes, to begin with, and/or you know your hands are for fist pumping and not for umbrella holding, then let’s say we’ve found what you have always been missing. Now let’s stop saying and go right to doing; you’ve got a mass amount of confidence and enjoy dressing like an alien on the reg, then slap this baby on and take me to your leader.


Take Me to Your Leader

This hands-free umbrella makes playing in the rain a real splash of futuristic fun! If your not at a rave doing all the drugs then you probably have kids. No problem! You and your kids will feel and look like flying colorful UFOs. Warning: beware of inspiring future ravers. The hands-free umbrella comes in pink, yellow, and blue; which style are you? Product details- The hands-free umbrella comes in pink, yellow, and blue; which style are you? This product is sure to give you a leg up in fashion, and a considerable advantage in movement by freeing up your hands for a rainy day on the job or outside with the kids.


Rainy Day Alien

Aliens love the rain, and the also love  the UFO’s convenient two belts on your hands-free umbrella keep the product from blowing away in the wind. So go ahead and take this light-weight product for a spin! It is only 9.8 ounces in weight and arrives at your house within two-business days! When the rain slows down your lightweight umbrella collapses into a portable round cap for easy storage. So order the UFO umbrella now and be prepared for your next rainy day!