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iFetch iDig Stay Dog Digging Toy, Interactive Sniff Mat for Dogs, Activity Treat Puzzle for Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

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What You Need To Know About The iDig Dog Digging Toy:

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 1

If you’ve ever brought a dog to an Escape Room (seriously though, who hasn’t), you know just as well as we do that they aren’t very good at helping you actually escape.

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 2

Dogs just aren’t great at assessing a situation, formulating a plan and verbally expressing to their friends how to escape a room.

It’s such a shame.

You’d think they would simply be able to tell you, “Hey dude, the way out of this room is by knocking on the left wall three times then opening the book on the second shelf, taking out the skeleton key and unlocking the bird cage to find the button that opens the trap door.”

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Instead, dogs just be all like, “Woof.”

As hard as we tried, we couldn’t get our beloved dogs to enjoy an Escape Room.

We knew the thrill and excitement of, well, you know…escaping a room.

We even tried other things we thought might help pass the time for the pup:

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 3

1. Hidden Treasure Map: Just like a scene from the 1980s hit movie The Goonies, we hand created a treasure map that would have led our pup to Chester Copperpot’s treasure (in this case, a dog biscuit).

Not only could our dog not follow the map clues, he couldn’t even say “The Fratelli’s.”


The iDig Dog Digging Toy 4

2. Puzzle Time: We bought a 5,000 piece puzzle to help exercise his brain and paws. The payoff at the end was that the picture on the puzzle was, get this, a velvet painting of dogs playing poker.

Unfortunately, our dog only got about a third of the way through putting together the puzzle and lost interest.


The iDig Dog Digging Toy 5

3. Rubik’s Cube on a Treadmill: We got one of those super expensive dog treadmills that are all the rage in North Dakota and while he was running on it, we threw a Rubik’s Cube at him and exasperatedly said “SOLVE IT.”

He did solve in, but to be honest, it took him like three minutes…way too long.

Nothing seemed to titillate our dog, and that was frustrating. He already tore through the couch and bed digging for what he called “buried treasure”. Oh, for the record, his name is Capatain Excalibur Wainwright, Jr.

Fortunately, a solution has been found to the age old question, “How can dogs also enjoy activities that stimulate both their body and mind?”

The answer is…

The iFetch Q-100 iDig Dog Digging Toy.

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 6
The iDig Dog Digging Toy 7

This little iDig beauty is a beast when it comes to entertaining your doggy alongside some much needed physical activity.

Because we all know you’re too lazy to take your pup for a run…

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 8
The iDig Dog Digging Toy 9

Small, compact and ready for all-day action, the iDig simulates the classic activity of “digging for stuff and finding stuff.”

The iDig is the perfect way to engage your dog  without having to worry about going to a fancy Escape Room, creating a weekend long treasure hunt, or feeling bad for them because they can only put together the part of a puzzle that shows a greyhound smoking a cigar and holding a joker card.

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 10
The iDig Dog Digging Toy 11

Hide dog toys, treats or Rubik’s Cubes inside the iDig and watch your puppy (or full grown dog) go wild.

Easy to watch, stimulating to use.

Indoor digging has never been easier, more fun and acceptable.

The iDig Dog Digging Toy 12

There’s literally no better way to keep your dog busy all day long. Your dog will love it even more than that North Dakota Puppy Treadmill everyone was raving about in the 1990s. Best Dog Toy Ever, Guaranteed.

Dog figured it out immediately, but it doesn't lose it's fun!

One thing I always struggle with is finding a puzzle type toy for my dog to use that doesn't get solved in 10 seconds and is durable enough to withstand a 55lb shepherd mix. This definitely works! It's marketed for diggers but it's also great for sniffers!

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