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Our Thoughts on The Inflatable Pool Bull

Meet Bill the Bull, the inflatable pool bull.

Sure, that’s not his official name, but he is a bull without a doubt.

This bull has been given the name Bill for a few reasons:

  • Bill is a super sweet name that reminds us of a John Wayne era man’s man
  • Bill is something you get after a meal…usually where you order steak…and bulls are steak
  • Bill is what you’ll have to pay…after being knocked off this beast of an inflatable

Bill is a son of a gun, let’s be honest. The reason being is that he’s controlled by other people: usually, your friends who are all up for making your life a living hell (and in turn, a dream for the party goers who want to see something fun happen).

Let’s be honest: old bull riding was a massive pain in the arse.

A P.I.T.A. as the kids call it these days. But not a pita like a pocket. A P.I.T.A. like “Oh, no, I am falling off a bull.” The bull was loud, mechanical, and probably hurt you on the way down.

Bill is gentle but firm. A tender bull who wants to kick you straight in the grapes, but also asks if you’re okay after he does it.

Few things in this modern era evoke the type of championship feel that something like Bill the Bull does.

The Inflatable Pool Bull 1

Bill is an anomaly in the best way because he allows the people you’re hanging out with to jostle you around like you’re some sort of feather in the wind.

You hang on for dear life until finally, you go flying off into the wind.

All good. You’re still awesome. Because you attempted to defeat the mightiest of bulls. You had the trash sack to try and win against Bill.

This inflatable makes everyone at your party have fun. Period. Whether their 8 or 88, this inflatable bull makes it clear that the vibe in the air is excitement, anticipation, enjoyment.

The Inflatable Pool Bull 2

You need to be the body that rocks the party. You need the inflatable bull.

Let this photo-realistic bull be the party starter you’ve been looking for. When you bust this beast out, everyone will know that the party is about to begin.

Simply get a few folks to hang their hands on the inflatable tube. Another all-star jumps on the bull, then the fun begins.

No bull, this pool thing is awesome.

The Inflatable Pool Bull 3

Do us a favor, make a commitment right now: no more boring parties. No more boring pool parties. No more boring anything.

Be done with the bull by getting the inflatable bull, take it by the horns and get it done.

The time to live your best life is now. Believe us, the party will love you. In the end, the heavy-duty, inflatable bull will love you as well.

Parties. Only better. No bull.

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