a car air freshener that is a picture of a cat with a cone around its head

Animewild Cone Kitty Air Freshener

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Our Thoughts on Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 1

Imagine you love cats who for some reason or another cannot lick themselves – BUT ALSO ENJOY FRESH SCENTS.

You’ve tousled and toiled for years. Working. Thinking. Theorizing. Guessing. Hoping.

How could you merge your two loves into just one item?

Before we get to the answer, let us tell you a story.

In the early 1990s, there was a person who was very much like you. This person was intelligent, witty, funny, attractive. Universally adored and respected.

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 2

Let’s call this person, “Ethel.”

Ethel, though publicly a fresh face, smiley and warm, at night turned into a research monster.

Unable to sleep, unable to frankly do anything but smell, research, create and iterate.

It took Ethel nearly 4 years of sleepless nights, but she did it.

One evening, as the clock struck 3:16 am, Ethel had created the prototype for the item you are seeing here today.

The Animewild Cone Kitty Air Freshener was born.

It was striking, realistic, artistic – and most importantly, smelled so wonderful, it pushed the funk of that little research room away.

emoji of dale smiling

Ethel smiled.

She ran out to her car and hung, with pride, the Animewild Cone Kitty Air Freshener from her rearview mirror to see.

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 3

For reference, Ethel drove a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spider.

Anyhow – once affixed firmly in place, Ethel went for a drive.

Windows up. The car smelled wonderful.

The Animewild Cone Kitty Cat Car Air Freshener was getting attention also!

Passersby smiled and waved, some even gave a thumbs up!

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 4

One young woman actually gave the coveted DOUBLE THUMBS UP as Ethel drove by.

That evening, Ethel went home.

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 5

Satisfied. Smiling. Happy. Content.

She had done it. She had reached the goal you are seeking at this very moment.

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 6

Ethel tucked herself in and slept like a baby.

The research monster was quelled. The sleepless nights were finally over.

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 7

Ethel has solved your deepest desires.

Merging your love of cats, who, for some reason or another cannot lick themselves – and also enjoying fresh scents.

We proudly, and humbly put forth to you Ethel’s finest work of all:

The Animewild Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener.

May God bless your beautiful soul, Ethel. Thank you.

Editor’s Note:

While Ethel was awesome, you can even be more awesome (honestly, it’s not that hard – she only put this kitty cat cone air freshener thing on her rearview mirror.)

kitty cat cone air freshener for your car

Sure, it was a multi-million dollar car that was worth more than all of your belongings (and probably all of the belongings, homes and 401k accounts of your neighbors combined) – but one little air freshener in a car?

You can do better than that. Imagine hanging these bad boys in a car. A locker. A house. An office. Your friends’ car.

Sky’s the limit our kitty cat cone loving friend!

No more foul odors. This is the purr-fect item for any spot with less than acceptable scents. Also, every time you look at it, you’ll quietly think to yourself, in a moment of deep introspection and say “me likey cats.”

Kitty Cat Cone Air Freshener 8

Staring at this miserable kitty cat in a cone makes my commutes more bearable. This smelly kitty is way worse off than me, for the most part. The cat hanging from the rearview mirror of my cool car which is cooler than Kanye’s fills my Ferrari with Pot-PURR-i goodness. I actually hang it anywhere I can to mask my litter box of a smell.

– Kim “Ethel” Kardashian

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