Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Imagine This...

It’s 7PM on a Friday and several co-workers are coming over for a dinner party at your place.  Can you cook? No. But that’s not stopping you. Why? Because you see the value of networking.

Everything is perfect.  You’ve got the grill going, all the patio furniture is washed off and you’ve got a sixer of your bosses favorite brewskies on ice (Stella Artois).

You go into the kitchen to grab a big bowl of your wife’s homemade tomatillo sauce.  Then just as you pickup the bowl…


You’re startled! They’re 15 minutes early! In a panic you spill the delicious green sauce all over your white shirt. What a mess.  You’re out of dress shirts (the wife said she do laundry and then forgot, thanks Karen). 

You spend the rest of the night wearing you ‘yard work’ shirt.  Oh, and your boss hates Stella Artois, you fool.

Don't Let This be You

Get a Los Pollos Hermanos Apron and show your boss how cool and edgy you are. Next time you come up for promotion he’s sure to remember your name. Or at least your super cool apron.