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Our Thoughts on McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

This is it, Morty!

This is what the whole thing has been about Morty! My whole character arc. Every crazy caper. Every near-death experience. Mcdonald’s Szechuan sauce Morty! We searched the entire universe for these sweet little individually packaged sauces Morty, and here they were the whole time, right under our noses! Can you believe it, Morty? Delicious McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, the rarest treasure in every dimension, and we could have just got it online.

Sweet, Sweet Szechuan Sauce

I mean, the things we went through Morty, all for that sweet, sweet Szechuan sauce. Do you remember that time when I left you behind on that planet with nothing but livers growing on trees Morty, and you had to live off liver for two months? You hate liver, Morty! I bet it would’ve tasted better with some of this tasty Szechuan dipping sauce though, right Morty? Right? How about that time when we thought we finally found some sauce? Do you remember that Morty? Sure you do. You had to pretend to be a space geisha for those intergalactic businessmen. They sure where handsy huh Morty? You wish we knew that we could just get that delicious McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce right here this whole time. I thought we were so close that time, but here we are Morty. The end of the road. Because we finally found it. The grand finale. McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce.

The Search is Over

Just imagine what we can do with ten individual packets of this stuff Morty. We’ll be unstoppable! Finally, we can conquer the galaxy. Why stop there? The universe Morty! Plus, we can relive our youth and get some chicken nuggets and dunk them in this sweet Mulan-themed Szechuan sauce, Morty! The sauce Morty! The Szechuan sauce! This is what it’s all been about Morty! Do you get it, Morty? Szechuan sauce Morty!

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