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Toysdone Microwave Bowl Huggers – Polyester – Handle Hot Bowls Without Burning Your Hands – Set of 4 Microwave Bowl Huggers

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Our Thoughts on Microwave Bowl Huggers:

Microwave Bowl Huggers 1

You love your partner.

You love your friends.

You love animals, nature, the ocean.

You even love the sun, the moon, the stars.

It’s so hard to love everything so much, isn’t it?

It would bring a damn tear to the eye of a grizzled Viking warrior if they ever saw how much you truly love and appreciate all things.

Heck, we even heard last week you tried to hug a piping hot bowl of soup fresh out of the microwave.

…and that didn’t turn out so great.

Nobody needs second degree burns on their precious little thumbies now, do they?

No, of course not.

So how can you show all of the love you want to all the things without the risk of all that hot, hot heat?

Saddle up to the future, buckaroo – as we introduce you to:

Microwave Bowl Huggers For Hot Bowls

Microwave Bowl Huggers 2
Microwave Bowl Huggers 3

You read that right. MICROWAVE. BOWL. HUGGERS. Not tree huggers.

You love hugging, you love heat – and now you can deal with both…at the same time!

These microwave bowl huggers will fundamentally change the way you deal with the microwave.

As a matter of fact, these bowl huggers actually do all the hugging on your behalf!

microwave bowl hugger cloth

You found out long ago it was unreasonable to crawl into the microwave and keep hugging a dish while it was on. But now, these little beauties hug the bowl the entire time!

They keep your bowls company, without getting hot – so you can put your cute little tootsies on them and take the bowl out safely.

Well, hot damn. Now that’s convenience. Without the hot…and the damn.

Here are just several ideas for other ways you might consider using the incredible microwave bowl huggers when not keeping your bowls reasonable to pick up when hot:

1. Hang all four of them up on a strong, creating a welcoming pennant for when guests arrive to your home. All guests will marvel and remark, “Oh, look at the pretty colors! I feel like I’m on holiday!”

2. Leave one out on the counter of your kitchen. Each time you pass it, give yourself a pat on the back as you recall to yourself, “I purchased something smart.” Smirk to yourself after patting your back, then have six shots of Tennessee Whiskey (not required).

3. Hold two up and have another friend pretend like they are practicing boxing. What a time you’ll have! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pretend you’re “Iron” Mike Tyson and start collecting pigeons. Sky’s the limit!

The only thing holding you back from being the proud owner of these incredible versatile microwave bowl huggers is yourself.

Set yourself free.

Own the microwave safe, heat resistant bowl huggers.

Safe hands. Safe fingers. Mike Tyson.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted, just a click away.

Last update on 2020-10-23 / This post may contain affiliate links which may give us a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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