Mini Flame Thrower

Make fire a part of you. Take hold of the elements in the palm of your wrist, and unleash your inner mutant. Don’t just dream of having supernatural powers, make your vision a reality with this Pyro Mini Fireshooter. You can now trigger fire from your hand reaching up to 10 feet. You will be sure to terrify all of your friends and neighbors once they realize you have the power to shoot fire from your hands.


Fire is a Part of You

When the FBI comes knocking at your door, they may put you under and perform medical tests on you. Your mutant form will be sought after by many, create a detailed escape plan in case of an emergency. Most importantly have fun with your new device. Be experimental, show off to your friends or at a Festival, and create the mutant mystic that you have always dreamed of creating.


Unleash Your Power

The Pyro Mini Fireshooter was designed to be Discreet. The invention fires pieces of material that burn quickly. It fits around any wrist and can hide underneath your shirtsleeves. You have the options of handheld or remote functions. The double barrels will fire simultaneously or individually, and the fire-shooter contains combustion material for 120 uses.
Unleash your powers and shoot fire from your wrists! This is the perfect gadget to bring to festivals and will get you laid.