EMPIRE ROLLING – Four Pack Wallets $100 Bill Rolling Paper (80 Papers) – King Size Benny | Made from Pure All Natural Ingredients | Premium Quality Paper, Organic, 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Unbleached

Only $19.00

Our Thoughts on Money Rolling Papers

Watch Your Worries go up in Smoke

Need a new stash of rolling papers? Grab these money rolling papers the next time you want to impress your friends and smoke your financial worries away. Nothing says “I’m broke and my own worst enemy” like burning Benjamins you could be using for past due rent – but hey don’t worry, this money’s not real. You won’t be breaking any laws here, but your coolness among your friends will be unquestioned.

Dollar, Dollar Bill Y'all

Okay, forget the fact that you may have fallen on hard financial times. But how about flipping a negative into a positive? Have you ever considered a career in hip-hop? We thought so. Maybe you’re interested in becoming the next Rick Ross. Or perhaps you’re more interested in becoming High Times next coolest front cover. Whichever your decision may be, slide straight into VIP with these prestigious rolling papers. It’s enough to make you leave your bling at home, because who needs 14 karats of ice when you’re smoking that good-good with our forefathers?

Rolling with the Homies

No matter your situation, the lovely people at Empire, have made it easy and affordable to increase your cool points. Discerning rappers, hippie wooks and stoop scavengers alike trust money rolling papers – and now you can too.

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