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What You Need To Know About The Motivational Quotes Button:

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Imagine if you could have a personal “hype-man” follow you around like you were a celebrity rapper.

Somebody to follow you around all day every day just shouting about how great you are and giving you motivational quotes to keep you inspired.

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You wake up in the morning and hit the alarm…

“Yo! My dude is about to get up and face the day! Amazing!”

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You go into your kitchen to make breakfast…

“What! Hello healthy breakfast, it’s going to be a great morning!”

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You drive to work. From the backseat you hear…

“Does it smell like absolute driving dominance in here, or is that just you?!”

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Don’t want a hype man following your every move?

How about a cheerleader?

You get to work…

“Two, four, six, eight – you are awesome and great!”
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You go on break…

“There’s no competition! You are the best! Work so hard then take a rest!”
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Unfortunately, the cost to pay a hype-man or cheerleader full time is fairly expensive.

Prices start at about $47,315 in salary per year.

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Fortunately, there is a better way.

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The Motivational Button - the next best thing to having a human being whisper sweet motivations in your ear.

The Motivational Button comes with 101 fun, engaging, motivational quotes to impress upon your brain (and anyone else who happens to be in the area) how awesome life truly is. Also, how awesome you kinda are (since, you know…you’re alive).

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Imagine instead of hitting an alarm in the morning, you hit the Motivational Button. BOOM! Starting your day both on the right side of the bed and with an earful of inspiration.

Now you’ll be walking with a skip in your step and a smile a mile wide. Snap! Your smile might be so wide you’ll need to explain yourself to the police officer who pulls you over on the way to work.

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Excuse me, why are you smiling? I just pulled you over,” the police officer will say.

I know, but I’m just so motivated and happy and you are just doing your job officer, sorry that I was going one mile over the speed limit, I was just so excited for the day!

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The cop will absolutely let you go without a ticket.

Amazing. All because of the Motivational Button.

If it can make your morning so amazing, imagine what it can do for the rest of the day…and the rest of your life.

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Sunshine, sparkles, unicorns and majesty, that’s for sure.

101 motivational quotes at the touch of a button…now that’s the cheerleader we could all use. The motivational button…

Tony Robbins
“Quality motivational sayings create a quality life. Successful people press motivational buttons, get motivated as hell, and as a result, they get better results in everything they do in life.”

-Tony Robbins, motivational button presser
The Motivational Quotes Button is AMAZING
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Love my new fun gadget full of motivational quotes! I don't have to be connected to any device to get my free dose of pure inspiration. When feeling down or just in the mood I press the motivational quotes button and get to hear meaningful proverbs and phrases which state the name of the author at the end of each quote. It's good for all ages since its loud, clear and slow. I definitely will be GIFTING "Tell Me A Quote Button" to my nieces and friends and everyone else that I know this HOLIDAY SEASON!

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