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Witty Yeti Hilarious, Novelty Talking Button 4 PK Has 24 Unique Sayings. Bad Word Buttons Play Funny Sound Clips in Clear Audio, Loud Gag Gift for Coworkers or Family. Batteries Included

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What You Need To Know About The Nailed It! Button:

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If you still think the archaic “That Was Easy” button has any relevance in today’s world, you’ve got another thing coming, Mister (or Miss. Or Ms. Or Mrs. ).

That thing you’ve got coming?

The “NAILED IT” button.

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Designed in a micro laboratory in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, this is the absolute must-have button for anyone who is a human being.

If you consider yourself a “person,” it is required you own this item.
The Nailed It! Button 1

Why, you dare ask?

Because it lends superiority to every single situation you’re in.

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Somebody does something awesome, you immediately make fun of them with a “nailed it!”

Somebody does something awful, you immediately make fun of them with a “nailed it!

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The Nailed It! Button 2

No one does anything?

Lighten the mood and break the awkward silence with a “nailed it!

Can we say that you will become the official “Ruler of the World” by owning the NAILED IT button?

Yes. Yes we can. BUT, Beware and heed the warning….

The Nailed It! Button 3
laughing emoji by define awesome

The Nailed It button is not only perfect for home or office, but frankly, it can be used everywhere.

Not just “anywhere.” Literally, everywhere.

Examples of best uses of Nailed It on the go:

The Nailed It button can make friends, family, even babies laugh with glee and embarrassment at the same time.

Which makes it the absolute perfect combination of winning and dominance which everyone seeks.

Don’t let people think they’re better than you.

Own the scene, situation or meeting by looking for any opportunity to slam that big ol’ button and announce that the person your with has in fact, ironically Nailed It.

eyebrow emoji by define awesome

Some other great Nailed It button opportunities:

There are nearly infinite ways to rule all with the Nailed It button.

Which will you choose?

angel emoji by define awesome

May we suggest using it in a non-ironic way as well?

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done with a Nailed It to add emphasis to your accomplishing feats of fabulosity.

The Nailed It button is the superior entertainment device you need.

But it…and nail it (it being life) – forever.

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