Nike Men’s Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Slides

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Our Thoughts on Nike Fanny Pack Sandals

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The Fanny Pack Sandals Are The Coolest Things Ever. Here’s Why:

Want the ease of a fanny pack without the inconvenience of a strap on muffin top? No worries, these sandals have you covered.  Walk around hands-free in these fanny pack sandals by Nike.  

These sandals will have you being the talk of the town.  The statement piece we all need in our lives.  Everyone will look onto your real sense of fashion, wondering when they see you, “Who are they?”  You. Are. A. Fashion. Icon.  People will look onto your extremely fashionability and envy you as you strut your stuff down the street in these.

Although small, these sandals are mighty; you can hold your keys, your money, your credit cards, gum, tissues, hair ties, your dog. Okay, maybe not your dog, but the possibilities are unlimited.

Gucci has nothing on these slides!

Fashion trends can be impossible to keep up with, and these days, it’s difficult to tell what clothing items are earnestly being marketed as “statement pieces”, and which are being sold as novelty gifts like these Fanny Pack Sandals by Nike! 

It’s unclear what the famous shoe brand was thinking when they developed these fanny pack sandals; perhaps it was thought to be more convenient and stylish than traditional fanny packs, or perhaps they were trying to appeal to customers who have a campy sense of humor. Whatever Nike’s original intent, these flip flops sure do make a wonderful novelty gift!

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashions? Of course, you do! These ridiculous flip flops make an excellent gift for all the frustrating fashionistas in your life. Buy them a pair and tell them they’re the newest design by Nike! Their reaction is sure to be priceless and will give you a hearty laugh. Perhaps they will politely accept but make it clear in their reaction that they are not so pleased with their new footwear. Better yet, maybe they’ll buy the story and wear them all around town!

These fanny pack flip flops also make a great gift for spouses, parents and family members who are overly paranoid about being robbed or losing their credit cards while on vacation. Get them a pair of these fanny pack shoes in preparation for your next trip to Disney World, New York City, or the beach! Just be ready to be seen in public with them while they are sporting their brand new, ridiculous footwear! You’ll be in on the joke, but they may not be!

You can even get a pair for yourself! Are you known for your absurd style and unique sense of humor? Do your friends expect nothing less of you than to be the most “eccentrically” dressed when you go out on the town? Don’t disappoint them! Sport this hilarious fashion faux pa and everyone will be asking, “Where in the world did you find those awful yet oddly charming things?”.

All joking aside, these shoes are rather practical and could make a great gift for your child or teen, as long as jokes like this fly over their head. If they have a difficult time keeping track of their own belongings and you are planning a trip to an amusement park, these could do the trick! As long as they can at least keep track of their shoes, that is!

These fanny pack sandals have 10 unique features:

1. Made by Nike 

2. Logo branding on the strap

3. Slip-on sandal with an open toe

 4. Comfortably textured footbed

5. Foam midsole

6. Traction outsole

7. Comfortable fabric and foam strap

8. Strap contains a zippered pouch for storing small items

9. These sandals will alert everyone in the vicinity that you and your party are tourists

10. Best of all, you now have the opportunity to finally make a fashion statement with these unusually awesome Fanny Pack Sandals by Nike!

Fanny pack sandals have arrived, and they are here to stay.

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