Nike Fanny Pack Sandals

Hate carrying around a wallet or purse?

Want the ease of a fanny pack without the inconvenience of a strap on muffin top? No worries, these sandals have you covered.  Walk around hands-free in these fanny pack sandals by Nike.  

These sandals will have you being the talk of the town.  The statement piece we all need in our lives.  Everyone will look onto your real sense of fashion, wondering when they see you, “Who are they?”  You. Are. A. Fashion. Icon.  People will look onto your extremely fashionability and envy you as you strut your stuff down the street in these.

Although small, these sandals are mighty; you can hold your keys, your money, your credit cards, gum, tissues, hair ties, your dog.  Okay, maybe not your dog but the possibilities are unlimited.

Gucci has nothing on these slides!

Fanny pack sandals have arrived, and they are here to stay.