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Nike Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Print Mens Slide Cj2967-300 Size 7 Turquesa

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What You Need To Know About Nike Fanny Pack Sandals:

According to Albert Einstein, the invention of the flip flop sandals was to be considered the “most important technological and scientific breakthrough for the fashion industry that most of us will ever be part of in our lifetimes.”

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As Einstein once remarked to a packed lecture hall on the campus of Yale University in 1947:

“To see the once lauded show be reshaped, reformed and renewed in such a way as the glorious sandal is something I think we can all agree is a marvel unlike anything the universe would have imagined.”

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Unfortunately, Mr. Einstein passed away in 1955.

This was not only a great loss for the thinkers of our planet, but also a complete disservice to the fact that he deserved to see the greatness which would fall upon the mighty sandal some years later.

Introducing: The Nike Fanny Pack Sandals That Are Also Flip Flops.

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It is everything you, me, Albert Einstein and that weirdo dude down the block who seems to exist only on a diet of light beer and buffalo wings have ever wanted, all in one piece of footwear!

The flip-flop that Einstein so righteously loved has been improved to include a pouch to hold things.

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What will science think of next?!

Time travel?!

We hope so.

We’d travel back to the day these bad boys were invented and start high-fiving everyone in sight.

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The gorgeous sandal is only made better by the fact you can now store things in it’s tiny little, yet perfectly sized fanny pack that rests upon the top of your delicate foot.

Some ideas of things to store in the Nike Sandals foot fanny flip flop shoe thing:

Although small, these sandals are mighty; you can hold your keys, your money, your credit cards, gum, tissues, hair ties, your dog.  Okay, maybe not your dog but the possibilities are unlimited.

Whatever you can handle, dude.

Pay homage to the O.G. flip flop lover Albert Einstein by making the smartest purchase in the history of science: 

the fanny pack flip flop sandals made by Nike.

Just when you thought “Oh, dude, Nike just does sneakers.”

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Nope. They’re crushing the sandal game too.

Not only are they crushing the sandal game hard, they’ve got it so hard they don’t even calls these bad boys sandals.

Nope. Not even flip flops.

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Nike calls these high end, absolutely beautiful beasts… "slide shoes."

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At what point do we all stop and deliver Nike a gigantic golden trophy for being the most incredibly awesome company of all time? We’d suggest now is the time.

The Fanny Pack Nike Sandals Are The Coolest Things Ever. Here’s Why:

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Want the ease of a fanny pack without the inconvenience of a strap on muffin top?

No worries, these sandals have you covered. 

Walk around hands-free in these fanny pack sandals by Nike.

These Nike sandals will have you being the talk of the town.  The statement piece we all need in our lives. Everyone will look onto your real sense of fashion, wondering when they see you, “Who are they?” You. Are. A. Fashion. Icon. People will look onto your extreme fashionability and envy you as you strut your stuff down the street in these flippy floppys.

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It’s unclear what the famous shoe brand was thinking when they developed these fanny pack sandals; perhaps it was thought to be more convenient and stylish than traditional fanny packs, or perhaps they were trying to appeal to customers who have a campy sense of humor. Whatever Nike’s original intent, these flip flops sure do make a wonderful novelty gift!

These fanny pack flip flops also make a great gift for spouses, parents and family members who are overly paranoid about being robbed or losing their credit cards while on vacation. Get them a pair of these fanny pack shoes in preparation for your next trip to Disney World, New York City, or the beach! Just be ready to be seen in public with them while they are sporting their brand new, ridiculous footwear! You’ll be in on the joke, but they may not be! You can even get a pair for yourself!

Are you known for your absurd style and unique sense of humor? Do your friends expect nothing less of you than to be the most “eccentrically” dressed when you go out on the town? Don’t disappoint them! Sport this hilarious fashion faux pa and everyone will be asking, “Where in the world did you find those awful yet oddly charming things?”.

Though we cannot 100% confirm the statements and quotes from Albert Einstein, we can confirm that you don’t need to be a Nobel Prize winner in the Physics category to see that these slider shoes are absolute beasts. They’ve got a friggin’ fanny pack built in, bro. What more do you want? That’s right: nothing.

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