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Forum Novelties No Tear Fabric Toilet Paper – Unrippable Toilet Paper Roll

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What You Need To Know About The No Tear Toilet Paper Prank:

The poop emoji smiling

The toilet. The porcelain goddess. The ol’ sit and reach. The squat and rot.

Whatever you call the very necessary place you relieve yourself, there is one thing you will always need when you’re there:

Starry eyed emoji

Toilet Paper!

eyebrow emoji by define awesome

Let’s say it’s time to visit the old squirt yurt. You enter. You drop your pantaloons in preparation for a pool delivery.

You do your business. You do the most important business. Your leg starts to fall asleep because you’ve been working so hard, so long.

define awesome whatever emoji
annoying emoji

You reach for the toilet paper.

You pull. And rip. And tear. AND NOTHING HAPPENS.

Define Awesome Monacle Emoji
Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes

Not great. For YOU have been victim to one of the greatest pranks ever to have been bestowed upon the crap shack:

Untearable Toilet Paper

Define Awesome Hug Emoji

While you would naturally be upset that you’re sitting on the alabaster throne with nothing to wipe away the evidence, it will also occur to you just how brilliant this situation truly is.

You’re alone, visiting the human waste recycling center and now you’ve been pranked.

define awesome laughing emoji
Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

“What a brilliant toilet prank!” you think.

Somehow you figure out how to clean up the situation and move on with your life – all while knowing you would like to pull this same hilarious prank on others.

Define Awesome Tongue Emoji Face
define awesome emoji hand over face

Now is your chance.

The untearable, unrippable, unbelievable prank toilet paper will make you the true king or queen of the poop stoop.

Love emoj

You deserve the best bathroom prank available on the market – and guess what champ, here it is.

You already know you’re #1 at doing #2.

The No Tear Toilet Paper Prank 2
happy emoji

Now is your chance to prove it, by using your experience of being pranked, to now PRANK OTHERS!

Even if you haven’t been skunked in the bathroom, this is your chance to be trot stop royalty.

relax emoji by define awesome
Emoji laughing so hard it is crying

Perfect for parties, work, or anywhere you know somebody would love a good prank, while they are stuck, alone in the confines of a bathroom.

No more weak pranks. It’s time for the ultimate joke where the feces pieces releases.

The No Tear Toilet Paper Prank 3

It’s time for unrippable toilet paper.

The No Tear Toilet Paper Prank 5
It’s time for you to finally prove you’re #1 at doing #2.

Unrippable toilet paper is not for amateur pranksters. It is for the person who says to themselves “I am ready for the big leagues of jokes. I am ready to take my pranking to the next level. I am ready to be Le Champion de Los Gags.” If that sounds like you, this is the item for your wildest dreams to blossom into reality. Unrippable toilet paper has changed the lives of thousands of all-star pranksters around the world. Will you join them?

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Share the The No Tear Toilet Paper Prank with your friends:
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