Knock Knock Paper Tantrum Nifty Note

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Our Thoughts on Paper Tantrum Notes

It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to being passive-aggressive in your dealings with other people (also known as “simpletons”).

The issue with simpletons is that they are far, far inferior to the brilliance that people like you bring to this planet.

Paper Tantrum Notes 1

You’re a genius. You’re thoughtful, kind, compassionate. You deal with all situations properly and with care. As opposed to the simpletons.

Thankfully, you can generally go about your day, peering down from your ivory tower at the masses. The cattle. The peasants who can barely utter complete sentences without drooling, sweating or both.

Paper Tantrum Notes 2

Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances where royalty such as yourself must deal with the situations presented forth by the numbskulls. But, how do you deal with these types of people??

We all know that being direct and “telling it like it is” is a fruitless endeavor. People just get all offended and don’t want to hear the truth. They prefer that you lie about how you feel.

This is Precisely Why Paper Tantrum Notes exist.

They allow you to scribe your issues so that simpletons can feel the pain they have caused you in a non-confrontational manner. But also, you don’t have to look at them. You can just leave it on their desk while they’re away doing simpleton things.

Paper Tantrum Notes 3

Frankly, why would  you want to look at them? You, being so flawlessly gorgeous.

Paper Tantrum Notes 4

Them looking like a pile of carbohydrates and a pile of laundry wearing a wig.

Paper Tantrum Notes are Simple to Use

Paper Tantrum Notes 5

Simply fill in the blanks! Perfect for all the simpletons in your life (or the ones who are unexpectedly hurled your way during the day out of nowhere).

Not sure when they’d come in handy? Well, here are some situations you may find these paper tantrum notes useful for:

Paper Tantrum Notes 6

1. Your Roommate decides to take the last spoonful of your peanut butter. Are you friggin’ kidding me? How heartless, thoughtless and downright mean. I guess it’s not like you were that hungry anyway, right? I guess it’s not like you work plenty hard for your money that it took to purchase that peanut butter. I guess it’s not like your roommate could have slogged over the eight more inches to their shelf to eat whatever garbage they intake on a daily basis.

Ugh. Leave a note, they’re an embarrassment.

Paper Tantrum Notes 7

2. Parking Issues can be a nightmare. Whether it’s someone who has decided they should take up four parking spots by parking vertically because they’ve got what they consider a “fancy” Chevy Volt. And the road rage begins…

Or somebody (probably a Prius) who parked so close to you that the only seemingly possible way for you to get back into your driver side door is by melting yourself down and pouring yourself in – these paper tantrum notes are perfect. Leave them on the windshield. Let the other drivers know that you’re the champion, not them.

Paper Tantrum Notes 8

3. Co-Workers. “Hey dude, mind if I take your stapler and borrow it forever?” Doubt it, bro.

“Hey, it’s cool if I jam the printer before I leave for the day so you couldn’t print that urgent invoice, right?” Nope.

Leave a note to the offender, let them know you are, and will always be better than them.

No more suffering in silence at the hands of the peasants around you. You’re the superior person. Show off, without actually having to speak. Get some Paper Tantrum notes today, and be ready to rock-n-roll for any situation you may face tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. Heck, just order like 50 so that you never run dry.

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